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Holding payment until delivery? Even after inspection?

So, buying a Tesla is very different than an automotive dealer. With an automotive dealer, you typically test drive and FULLY inspect a vehicle BEFORE you even negotiate price, not to mention pay for it....

Now, with Tesla, I've purposely NOT wired them my $60K, rather I'm taking it with me (form of a cashier's check) to my delivery day tomorrow. I'm expecting to fully inspect the vehicle to ensure I am, in fact, going to take delivery of it. While I'm hoping things will go swimmingly, I've read TOO many bad experiences here at TMC and really want to NOT give them money until we've verified I'm accepting the vehicle.

So, my question is what experience does anyone here have with paying last minute like I'm doing and is Tesla going to be pushy to close all the paperwork BEFORE I get to even see and inspect my vehicle? Thanks for any comments/advice
Interesting. They must have had too many problems with personal checks. There are always a few knuckleheads that mess things up for the rest of us.

My last personal check purchase was in December, and I have another car coming this month that I was just planning to write a check for. Thanks for the heads-up.
Transferred the dp prior to going to the inspection. They didn't even mention payment until after the orientation & inspection. Then - after the 3rd invitation for a cappuccino - we finally sat down to sign papers and turn over the cashier's check for the balance from the cu. All very civilized IMO
Had to pay in full before Tesla would deliver since Tesla is not allowed to sell vehicles in Texas.

My delivery appt is on 5/8/18. I'll certainly inspect it, but at that point there's not much choice on acceptance. Anything wrong, and it'll go in the shop.