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Home charging advice

The price of the CPHF is $699 in the US and the HPWC is $499. So it's only about $200 more. From what I'm aware the Gen 3 HPWC is what I would call a 'dumb' smart charger. Smart means it's connected to WiFi and does advanced monitoring/control/scheduling. 'Dumb' means none of that is available directly from the app or web portal. Its almost as if Tesla purposely hides a bunch of information from the customer, especially after locating this particular thread on how to find hidden stats: Gen3 Wall Connector API?

I honestly can't answer if the HPWC does scheduling when it charges non-Tesla vehicles. I can answer with 100% the CPHF does all that and more. You can also track charging stats through the website & app. I looked into the Grizzi and Clipper Creek chargers as they are highly rated. But they do not qualify for the $300 rebate from my Power company. Only the CPHF, HPWC or the JuiceBox. It also helped most review sites think the CPHF was the best home charger due to the extra features & flexibility.

CAD$700 for the Gen 3 HPWC, CAD$1299 for the CPHF, plus the cost of a 14-50 outlet (around $100 for decent ones here) and the additional neutral wire.
Hmmm...actually maybe it's CAD$999 "regular" and $1299/399 on Amazon because it's OOS everywhere else.
Yeah, that's probably more accurate and it sells out extremely quickly. But if you watch Amazon closely it comes in stock about once a month and sells "shipped and sold by Amazon.com" for $699. Usually in stock for less than a week, then its sold for $999 US by 3rd party retailers on Amazon.

FWIW.. I bought mine directly from Chargepoint and it took about two weeks to ship. One week for it to actually show up in-stock.. another week for Fed Ex ground from Califonia.
The Tesla High Power Wall Connector (HPWC) was capable of supporting charging of the original Model S,X at up to 80A. The current Gen3 Wall Connector supports barely half (48A). Is it really a HPWC?

You say that like it's a thing of the past. It still works :)

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So I was in this exact same scenario. Because my main 200A panel is on the opposite side of the house from my garage, it required a 66' run of wire to install a new 240V circuit in the garage for EV charging. I looked into doing this myself and it would be almost $1000 alone for the single run of 4gauge or dual run of 6guage copper wire. Talked to a few electricians about it and one suggested instead of running that much copper... I should run a much cheaper aluminum service wire (SER1/0) and install a new 100A subpanel in the garage. Off that new 100A subpanel, I could then add whatever new EV charging circuits I desired. After brainstorming, this was the most future-proof plan. Even covers me if I decide to get a Cybertruck or Rivian truck next year which is too big to fit inside the garage and will need to charge outside the garage.. I could easily add a 3rd 240V circuit for the truck in the driveway.

So went ahead and paid that electrician to install the 100A subpanel, Gen3 HPWC on my side of the interior garage and a basic 14-50 on the other side of the interior garage. My wife was still driving her ICE 3row SUV, but thinking about going EV. Sure enough about a month ago wife bought the ID.4, she really wanted the Audi Q4.. but the $7,500 tax credit on the 2021 tax year was more important. So just last week I picked up the ChargePoint Home Flex connector because it really is very flexible (comes with 14-50R or 6-50R plug.. but can also be hardwired up to 80A breaker). Now I can charge my Tesla at rates up to 48A.. and her ID.4 at rates up to 40A (48A if hardwired). The CPHF also qualifies for the IRS tax credit because it was purchased & installed before 12/31/21.

We looked at using a second 3rd Gen HPWC and possible load balancing.. also looked at the Gen2 Wall Connector with a permanent J1772 connector and decided against both. The CPHF was easier to immediately install, can charge faster than the Tesla HPWC's, does not require any adapters to charge her J1772, is one of the smart chargers that qualify for the $300 rebate & off-peak cheaper charging rates from our energy provider Pepco. And since the CPHF is a real smart charger and connected to WiFi.. I can monitor/control/schedule charging or even change the amperage using the app or website. We are still figuring out the ID.4, so not really sure if the car has scheduled charging or amperage control.
Forgot to ask. Are you using the adapter with the CPHF for your Tesla?

Does the charging head with adapter fit in the holder?
Forgot to ask. Are you using the adapter with the CPHF for your Tesla?

Does the charging head with adapter fit in the holder?
So I have two wall chargers. I use the Tesla WC for my charging my car. My wife uses the CPHF for charging her ID.4

FWIW... All Teslas come with the J1772 adapter, so if you wanted to use the CPHF to charge your Tesla it should work perfectly fine. In fact, I made sure to test the CPHF with my car and it worked perfectly fine. To answer your question, no I don't believe the charging head with the adapter attached.. will fit in the holder. The holder is made specifically for the J1772 charging head.
Forgot to ask. Are you using the adapter with the CPHF for your Tesla?

Does the charging head with adapter fit in the holder?
I use it daily for mine. It doesn’t plug into the cradle with the adapter, but i just hang mine over the top of the unit. I leave an adapter on it all the time, you can get them from Tesla for $50 now. I’ve had it for a few months hardwired and everything has been great with it.
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