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Home charging location of Charger

Hi Friends,

I’m in the midst of trying to figure out a location for my charger. Unfortunately my house driveway is less that ideal for locating a charger. Distance from the electric meter to the proposed locations have been too long to be covered by pod point or EO without exceptionally expensive additional work. I’m now wondering if I can get around the issue by asking an installer to place an EV charger compatible post into the ground next to my fence? Am I correct in assuming the fence posts (the solid wooden posts that connect fence to fence) are definitely not possible due to fire hazard?

Does anyone have any experience of installing home chargers in this way (ie not against a brick wall)?

Thank you so much for your thoughts!
No problem in the regs with fitting a charge point to a timber post, just done this myself yesterday (see this post: DIY charge point ).

There's nothing much in a charge point to cause a fire hazard, anyway, it's just a controlled mains switch and outlet, there's no high power charging circuitry in it, as the charger(s) are inside the car.
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My charger installation is complicated by the position of the meter and consumer unit as well.
I didn't want 2 or three cables going all round the outside of my house so I asked if the cables could go up the wall into the roof space at the front of the house, ( a RWP is there so will partially hide the cables) and across the roof space to the opposite corner then down the wall and into the garage. The installer is happy to do this although the cable run is longer (about 30m) so will cost more, but will be much neater.
There may be a way you can get the charger in a position where you want it.
PM me if you want details of the installer /charger.