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Home charging taper?

I installed a Tesla Wall Connector in my garage in anticipation of getting my Tesla Model 3. I have it on a 60A circuit which should allow me to charge at 48A which I understand is the max rate that the car supports. This should provide around 44 miles of range per hour of charging. My question is.... Does home charging speed taper when the battery state is above 80% like a super charger does?
A Supercharger, operating under ideal conditions, will put 116kW into the Model 3 LR until about 45% at which point it starts to taper. It tapers linearly, more or less, down to zero from that point. The Tesla Wall Connector charges the car at ~11kW [48*240*0.95]. The charging taper falls below the 11kW level at about 98% of the battery's indicated usable range. So any "at home" tapering will be within a few percentage points in the last ~10 minutes or so of charging. It won't be noticeable unless you're sitting in the car waiting for it to hit 100% before you drive off.
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