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Home charging - UK 3-pin

Hi folks

My Model 3 is arriving a bit ahead of schedule so I'll need to survive on UK 3-pin (230v @ 10a) charging for about 2 weeks. The socket I'd be using is located in the garage and runs on a dedicated 32A breaker with just a dryer connected to it, and was re-wired 4 years ago so I'm confident that I can charge at 10a

According to Tesla, I could expect 7-8 mph from this, I've done the maths and this seems reasonable (assuming 85% efficiency) but wondered if anyone had similar experiences and can confirm if this figure is a reasonable expectation?
The other way to look at it is that you only need sufficient charge to reach your nearest Supercharger. Is there one conveniently located for you?

Alternatively, does your place of work provide/allow employee recharging?
Oh okay. Since you can expect to gain 50-60 miles of range overnight and if you use, say, an average of 30 miles each day during the week then come Friday evening the battery will already hold at least 100 miles-worth from the Sunday night to Thursday night charging sessions.

So come Saturday morning you should have about 150 miles available.

Depending on your plans, you may not need to visit a Supercharger or CCS.

But owning a new car it's very easy to drive further/faster than expected ;)