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Homelink opens garage when I arrive, does not close when I leave

We’ve had several of these threads and I had this exact behavior. Mine never closed until I did this. Sounds magical and superstitious but it did work. I made a new profile to test out mirror autofold behavior and all of a sudden the autoclose prompt came up as I was backing out the next day.

Deleted the new profile and it still works to this day.

I wasn’t using the new profile, reboots didn’t fix it, reprograms didn’t do it, etc. There are several long threads on Homelink woes around, and the ‘works only one way’ is the weirdest case.

Good luck!
I have another theory. It does not work if my wife gets into the car first. She has her own key but not her own profile. I've never set one up for her because I don't want the car to lock on her profile and set the seats for her (she's 5'2" and I'm a foot taller). If I get in the car myself, and she has not been in the garage before me (to trigger keyfob authentication), it seems to work consistently. The system still needs to be smarter.