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Hong Kong FAQ/Index/Glossary

Discussion in 'Wiki' started by DITB, Nov 23, 2014.

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  1. DITB

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    Nov 13, 2012
    Hong Kong
    #1 DITB, Nov 23, 2014
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    Quite often you want to go back and find some previous discussion about a regular occurring problem. I was thinking it would be nice with a thread where this post #1 would be an A to Z list with links to mainly this forum, but also external links, where applicable. There is also room for short definitions and explanations, mainly for new users.

    UPDATE: You can now go directly to this page by bookmarking/typing

    tinyurl . com / wikitesla

    (remove the spaces)

    PLEASE NOTE that this is a Hong Kong Tesla Motors localised Wiki. I wanted to create it as a sticky thread in the Hong Kong forums, however I cannot see how to make it a Wiki there.
    There will also be general stuff of interest to anyone with a Tesla Motors vehicle, however, it is not meant to contain local information for other areas.

    Hong Kong: Tesla Motors Wiki - FAQ - Index - Glossary

    Some mix of the above, find what you are looking for searching this page, as an alternative to using the search function.

    It would be mainly for those of us who either own and/or drive a Tesla Motors car in Hong Kong - at the moment Model S or Roadster, but later on also for Model X, III and what else is coming.

    Feel free to add or edit, but please keep it Hong Kong specific.

    Please supply a direct link to relevant post # if it isn't starting from post #1 (right click, copy link, in the top right corner of the relevant posting) and remember to add a short description of what it is about. Keep only one entry for each subject, ie "Car alarm, see Alarm System" so that only one entry has to be updated.


    AC charging: Using alternating current, like what is found in most wall outlets. When charging via AC, the Model S uses 1 or 2 onboard charging units, while DC charging bypass these chargers. Superchargers, ChaDeMo and CCS uses DC charging, the rest is AC charging (as per February 2015)

    Alarm system: Question-How-to-leave-your-friend-in-the-car

    App for Model S/X/III: Tesla-Model-S-Android-and-iPhone-app-User-Experience

    Autotoll: Transponder installed in a car to allow for automatic payment of bridge and tunnel charges. For the Tesla Model S, it is recommended to have it installed inside the nose cone rather than in the windscreen. Tesla Motors will usually be able to assist, more here: Autotoll tag installation AutoToll Club website: Autotoll Club (english)


    Battery FAQ: Good-users-guide-link-with-battery-discussion

    Best car park: See Parking

    BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle, as opposed to other kinds of EVs, like hybrids, fuel cell and so on.

    Blocked charging spot: See ICE


    Car alarm: See Alarm System

    Car park: See Parking

    Car wash: See Washing

    ChaDeMo: A Japanese charging standard using DC (like superchargers). Performance lies lower than superchargers but higher than any AC charging. As of February 2015, we are still waiting for a ChaDeMo adapter for the HK market. The availability of ChaDeMo stations in Hong Kong is very limited, and from Japanese Model S owners, it seems there are compatibility problems.

    Charging etiquette / "bar code contact" options: charging-etiquette

    Charging installation / electrician: Recommendation-for-an-Electrician-in-Hong-Kong-Sai-Kung - Installing-wall-connector-with-single-phase-power-supply-of-village-house - Charger-solution-on-private-car-parking-space - HPWC-Cable-Hanger - EV-friendly-housing - Is-there-a-list-of-buildings-where-people-were-able-to-install-charging-stations - Charging-at-your-local-estate-long-term-parking-practical-and-usable-solutions - Charger-quotes - EVPower - The-Estate-Mgmt-rejected-my-application-to-install-a-charger-on-my-parking-space

    Charging facilities: Charging-Station-at-Private-Clubs - Charging-Stations-at-Hotels - Tesla-charging-vs-general-EV-charging - Charging-Stations

    Charging map - list of charging stations: OpenChargeMap-let-s-make-it-better - direct link - Anyone-tried-Recargo-charger-locator-app - See also On-Going-Best-Car-Park-List - direct link:

    Charging standards in Hong Kong: Hong-Kong-Tesla-Model-S-Charging-Standard - Charging-with-220V-13A-socket-in-Hong-Kong - Plug-type

    Chat groups on mobile devices: See Whatsapp and LINE for more info.

    Coating: #10 (see also wrapping)

    Curb rash: See Rim protectors


    Dash cam/CCTV: Best-Dash-Cams-For-Your-Model-S - Security-Camera-in-model-s-possible

    DC charging: Direct Current charging, as used in superchargers. Bypasses the Model S onboard chargers and hence enable charing rates over 100 kW, about 5 times faster than the fastest AC charging. Apart from superchargers, ChaDeMo and CCS uses DC for charging.

    Delivery and ordering Model S: HK-Model-S-Deposit-date-confirmation-Sequence-expected-delivery - Delivery-process-diary-and-opinions - Tesla-Model-S-My-first-3-days-as-owner-and-my-TMC-post-1000 - Impression-after-spending-a-day-with-my-MS-in-Hong-Kong - Hong-Kong-first-deliveries - Just-got-a-call-from-Tesla-HK-no-car-until-End-of-march-2014

    Delivery and ordering Model III: (Not available yet)

    Delivery and ordering Model X: HK-Model-X-Deposit-date-confirmation-Sequence-expected-delivery - Potential-Model-X-owners

    Door projecting lights: #20 - Projector Logo Lights | TeslaTap

    Dual Charger: #372


    Environment: Promotion-of-EV-in-Hong-Kong-Gov-t-Website - Hong-Kong-Tax-Deduction-for-Environment-friendly-Vehicles - Pearl-Report-Going-Electric - EVs-in-Hong-Kong-Segways-e-bikes-pedelecs

    EV = Electric Vehicle, also generally including hybrids and many other mixed mode propelled cars. See BEV for pure electric vehicle like all Tesla Motor vehicles are.


    Finance and Insurance: Financing and insurance in Hong Kong - Finance-and-Insurance

    Floor mats: See Mats

    FOB protector: #34

    FRT Exemption: In Hong Kong, electric vehicles are exempt any registration tax (FRT = First Registration Tax), at the moment until 31 March 2017. After this date it is like that there will be a cap, or added some tax, when the budget is up for renewal. Hong-Kong-Tax-Deduction-for-Environment-friendly-Vehicles - Hong-Kong-First-Registration-Tax - FRT-budget-major-event-26-Feb-2014-11-00-HKT-Countdown-from-10-45 - HK-FRT-what-comes-after-1-4-2014 - FRT-vs-delivery-dates

    Frunk mat: See Mats




    ICE/ICEd: ICE = Internal Combustion Engine, ie diesel, petrol, LPG engines. Used as a verb, ICE/ICEd are slang for when an ICE driven car is blocking a parking spot intended for EV charging. Discussion here I-hate-poeple-that-park-in-EV-spaces - ICE-vehicle-parking-at-EV-spot

    Installation of charging station: See Charging installation

    Insurance: See Finance and Insurance




    LED T light, lighted T: #21 - #44

    License plates (special/personal): Personalised-Ordinary-Special-number-plates - Personalized-plate-for-your-Model-S

    LINE chat: A mobile app like Whatsapp. A very active group controlled by user lx3h - please contact him to join. See also Whatsapp group, controlled by user jh78 (the latter group has been full to it's 100 user limit since the end of 2014, there is a waiting list to join)

    Lowering the Model S: #2


    Mats: #42 - Floor-mats

    Modifications: Lot's of info here: All-Model-S-Mods-Go-Here


    Navigation: Onboard-navigation-coming-Dec-2014 - GPS-Map-in-HK

    News (Hong Kong as well as general Tesla Motors): Latest-Tesla-Motors-Related-News

    Noise: Before - After sound insulation - more noise dampen threads


    Ordering and delivery of Model S: See Delivery and Ordering Model S


    Paint: see Wrap

    Parking (suitable for the size of the Model S, with or without charging option): On-Going-Best-Car-Park-List - direct link to map - Parking-in-HK

    Pictures from events and meet-ups: Flickr: tmc_hk_pics' Photostream

    Promotion of EV in Hong Kong: See Environment



    Radar detector: Installation-of-Radar-Detector - Speeding-Ticket-avoidance

    Rally: Event where we get together for social reasons, to promote EVs/Tesla, or both. December 2014 event: Model-S-rally (Dec 2014) - November 15th 2014: Tesla-gathering-Science-Park-15th-November-2014

    Range of driving in Hong Kong: Uphill-Distance-Elevation-vs-Range

    Rear facing Child Seats on Model S (NOT an option in HK): Rear-Facing-Child-Seats-for-Hong-Kong - Lack-of-third-row-seats - 5-2-seats-not-available-in-HK-Model-S

    Registration, see License Plates or FRT - First Registration Tax as applicable

    Rim protectors: Group-Buy-Rim-Protectors - Wheel Bands | Aftermarket Accessories for Tesla Model S - #30 - #44 - First-night-and-I-scratched-a-front-rim-T_T


    Screen protector: Tech-Armor-Screen-Protector

    Seat belt chimes: How-to-disable-the-seat-belt-warning-chimes

    Seat belt extender: #29

    Seat covers: Seat-covers-for-RHD-model-S

    Seats: Performance-Seats

    Speeding tickets: See Radar Detectors

    Supercharger discussions: Hong-Kong-Supercharging - SC-in-Kai-Tat - SC-in-Hopewell

    Supercharger locations: Where-Would-You-Suggest-Tesla-To-Build-Their-Supercharging-Stations-In-Hong-Kong


    Third row seats (Model S) - see Rear Facing Child Seats

    Tires (see also noise): Michelin PSS 255/45/19R

    Traffic Safety: Silent-EVs-in-HK-vs-traffic-safety

    Transport Department (TD) and legal/political issues in HK: Restrictions-on-Hong-Kong-Model-S-spec - HK-Politics-and-Superciliousness - Is-there-really-a-problem-with-colour-grey-and-the-Transport-Department - EVs-in-Hong-Kong-Segways-e-bikes-pedelecs - It-is-currently-illegal-to-run-out-of-electricity-on-the-expressway - Hong-Kong-Expressway-Permits-Changing-Government - An unlicensed duck can land a fine 50 times the penalty of a vehicle belching smoke -

    Trunk light: #44

    Trunk mat: See Mats



    VIN: The serial number, vehicle registration number or Vehicle Identification Number - When Tesla owners talk about VIN, they usually only mention the last 6 characters, ie P12345. See Decoding-Tesla-Model-S-VINs


    Washing: Car-wash-and-detailing

    WhatsApp: There are several groups, the first and largest (might be surpassed by the LINE chat) one originating from the July 2014 Signature "first delivery" event. It was meant to be used just for us to find each other, before the event, yet it has now evolved to a quite active group of general chat but also her-and-now updates about charging stations, traffic, crashes, news, rumours and many other issues. Contact user JH78 to join. Rally event group, contact user Markwj to join. See also the LINE chat, controlled by user lx3h, it has a 250 user limit rather than the 100 user limit of Whatsapp.

    Wiki: See the Wiki and FAQ from Nick Howe on Tesla Motors Wiki

    Worst car park: See Parking

    Wrapping (see also Coating) #10 - #40 - Paint-protection-film





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  2. markwj

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    Apr 10, 2011
    Hong Kong
    Great initiative. Thanks, DITB.
  3. DITB

    DITB co-founder

    Nov 13, 2012
    Hong Kong
    UPDATE: You can now go directly to this page by bookmarking/typing

    tinyurl . com / wikitesla

    (remove the spaces)
    Unfortunately, the address of this page was changed, and I cannot edit the jump from tinyurl - so the link to use is the one in THIS post, "wikitesla" after tinyurl ...
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