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Horn Sound "High Five" Idea - What Do You Think?

Talk lately of horn sounds burping and farting. Pretty lame and low brow if you ask me.

I had an idea recently that would add fun to the sounds and community: what if, whenever 2 Teslas passed each other on the road, they would automatically sound out to each other - kind of an autonomous 'high five' as we pass. The sounds would be clever and relevant - here are some ideas:

Car 1: "Meeep Meep!" (roadrunner) Car 2 response: "Andalay!" (Speedy Gonzales)


Car 1: "Marco!" Car 2 "Polo!"


Car 1: "Whazzzaaaaappp! Car 2: "Whazzzaaaapp!"

Maybe you can add some ideas here. The point is, lets have fun with a public acknowledgement of our brothers (and sisters) in EV!
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