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Hotels with free car charging

Hi all,

I wondered if people knew of what hotels offer free car charging?

My wife and I have had our MX for 3 years and I had an MS before that for 2.5 years so we’re very used to making use of free s/chargers, but I collect my M3 on Monday (meaning we’ll officially be a 2 Tesla household) and want to try and make use of free charging where I can!

I’ll likely be staying in and around West/South West/South M25 or possibly near to Weybridge so I wondered if anyone knew of any hotels in/around that area that offer FREE charging?
Zap Map is a bit of a faff to use for this as it show all chargers (and there’s lots now) but doesn’t show hotels only so you literally have to click on almost everything to see if it’s a hotel or not, if there a cost or not...and so far I’ve not found any free ones other than destination chargers (which tend to be in hotels SO upmarket my work wouldn’t pay for me to stay there). The best option I’ve found so far is the Hilton at Heathrow and just use the s/charger and pay.
We've used destination charging at hotels a fair bit, will be doing so again this Christmas. We tend to preferentially pick hotels that offer charge points, as this tends to be something most put in their adverts.

As above, applications like Zap Map do tend to show this, but they are rarely distinctively marked.

I have found one or two places that have unofficial charging available. We've stayed at two places that had outdoor, weatherproof, outlets, that were happy to allow us to charge using the granny lead, and one place that had a 16 A commando caravan-type hookup point in a corner of their car park, and they were OK with us using that, via the long extension/adapter lead I tend to carry around when we go away.

The majority of hotels don't seem to charge, but keep the RFID card to activate the charge point in reception, so you need to ask for it when you want to charge. One hotel we stayed in recently, in Bath, had valet parking with a free charging service, which was nice. Two that we've stayed in, both in the Cotswolds, had a fixed charge of £5 for use of the RFID card to activate the charge point, but they are the only ones who have ever requested payment for charging.
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