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How are you playing earnings?

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I'm keeping some dry powder aside (though yesterday I was very tempted to pull the trigger at $277) for after ER.

My current holdings I am holding through ER in either case. If the stock price drops after ER, I'm adding with my dry powder. If the stock price increases, I'm holding on to my cash for a later dip.

I'm comfortable with slight FOMO for my cash position, given that a rise will give my portfolio a nice boost. Let us say my FOMO is larger regarding buying a dip to let's say $250.
I don't plan to trade regarding ER specifically but I definitely will respond to share price movement up to and after it. At the price level we are at, I believe the risk of a big (15%+) downward movement is much lower than a huge upward one over the next 6 weeks. With the stock in the $280s, I don't fear the ER. If we were at $320+, I would feel differently.
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I'll play this earnings report the same as always, by selling OTM short-term covered calls. The next day when the value crashes, I buy them back. The stock just doesn't explode upward after earnings reports like in 2013, and that is especially unlikely for this earnings report.