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How Can this Be? Model 3 vs. Model Y

I have a 2018 Model 3 LR RWD. I have an order in to get a Model Y LR AWD which should get here in mid April. Here's what I don't understand.

Both of these vehicles have a 75kwh battery. The Model 3 is more efficient (136/123 mpge vs 131/117 mpge) than the Model Y, but yet the range of my Model 3 is 310 miles vs. 326 miles for the Model Y - with the same size battery. How can this be? The link is the comparison between the two at the government fuel economy website.
The battery capacity has changed I believe, along with various efficiency improvements as others are saying. I don't believe the heatpump has any effect on the EPA value. If you look at how the EPA tests are performed, they're on a dyno simulating a city and a highway drive, a few cycles, then finishing at a steady 55mph until the car cannot hold 55mph anymore. Tests done inside at something like 75F, I believe heating/AC is off during the tests. They also use a "coast down" factor that represents some friction/aero for the final calculation.

You should compare both 3 and Y of a 2021 model year.
So it seems if you go with the LR & get the acceleration boost you loose “standard” driving mode . Does that mean the LR goes from 326 to 303 ?
From my understanding, only top end (90%) acceleration is changed. Around town and highway cruising no different.

MYP loses range due to tire/wheel configuration.

Acceleration boost doesn’t impact range except when you are flooring it. I honestly wish you could have both standard and sport with AB so you can turn it on and off and re-experience the thrill of the added acceleration. Again from what I have read. Non-owner here.