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How complicated would it be to build something similar to MPP Partybox?

Hey everyone, 2020 Model 3 SR+ owner here. Some background on me, I am a software engineer with a decent amount of experience working with microcontrollers. I've been trying to research how the MPP Partybox system actually works, or how it's even installed to get some clues for where to start, but it seems like they are pretty secretive about their technology, for obvious reasons. When I look at what they're selling for over $900, which seems to be a Raspberry Pi (Or another type of microcontroller) that simply plugs into the car somewhere, I can't help but try to figure out a way to do this myself. Yea, it's probably an immense amount of work, but I'm just curious if it's something I would even want to undertake.

My understanding is that there is some sort of port either behind a panel under the glove box (Seen in the installation instructional video for the Ingenext system) or beneath the speaker in the driver foot well, behind a different panel (Seen in some pictures people have posted of their MPP Partybox). With these hard-wired connections to the car, these companies have been able to hijack a data stream and then reverse engineer it to figure out a usable API for the system. Then using that knowledge, they write their own commands that they know will work given the information they gathered from the data stream. Is this correct for the most part?

I'm just looking for info on how to get started with this if anyone has experience. Thanks
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I cannot help you with your question, but if you have the knowledge you may do it just for fun. Clearly as a software engineer the time it will take you to figure it out, plus hardware costs is worth more than $900 it will take to buy one and support MPP development.

As a manufacturer, they have to set high margins on low volume products, especially considering the development and ongoing support costs.

If you are that savvy with Tesla vehicle systems, dig into it and tell us the juicy details. However what you are looking for is not a simple on/off switch, its a range of responses that allow the more permissive vehicle behavior.