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How did you pick up your Model S?

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I pick up my MS in 48 hours, but...

...it's a fair distance from here to the service center (80mi r/t), and none of my friends is available (on a workday). My options:

1) Public Transportation (3 busses, $12 in fare, to get a Tesla... ironic much?)
2) Cab or Uber
3) Talk my Tesla salesman into driving me down
4) Use a Tesla shuttle (service center is checking, but it's unclear if one is available)

I'm single and my kids are too young to drive. I somehow forgot to provide for this problem in advance. :rolleyes:

Are there obvious ideas I'm not thinking of? How did you pick yours up?
If you already own a car, drive it there and leave it until you can retrieve it. The prospect of ever touching it again will probably be so repulsive that you'll just sell it as-is from the Tesla parking lot.

Alternate strategy: use Uber, and negotiate a discount on the fare in exchange for giving the driver a ride in your new car.

Third option: walk. If you start now, you should make it in time.
Neither my wife nor I wanted to be the one to drive the ICE car back home so we made arrangements to leave our ICE car at the service center and pick it up the next day. Easy. In your case, a slight modification involving a friend to drive the ICE home, either on pickup day or some time later, would accomplish the same thing.
I haven't been able to pick it up... it's way too heavy. I generally just let it roll around on its own wheels. :)
Oh... you mean pick it up?
My wife drove me to the factory (about 150 miles) in our other car and was happy to let me drive home by myself. She was nervous about riding with me for a few weeks and nervous about driving it but she has since overcome her fears and drives it everywhere by herself... although she still gets anxious when I pass other cars (which is too easy to do).
Factory tour is highly recommended if you're in the neighborhood.
We took a one way rental (enterprise) car since we live about 110 miles from the service center.. dropped the ICE car at service center

Then we drove our MS back home. Yes kids were included. Took pictures with kids posing front of our car.:cool:
I drove my ICE to work, then had a coworker ride with me to the Service Center. I just had him take my ICE right back to work so he wasn't gone very long, and I had some "alone time" with the love of my life (my Model S, of course)
Rode a bike.

Seriously. It was about 40 miles. Got a good workout, then got to take my awesome car home. (carried civilian clothes in a courier bag, so I could change out of the stink Lycra.). The MS swallowed up a 58cm road bike, too, without even pulling the front wheel off. Folks handling the delivery said they'd never seen cycling to a delivery before. Total blast. No gas burned. :smile:
The only benefit of being far away from a SC: the car was rolled off a truck in front of my house.

That's what I'm going to do. The nearest delivery option offered me was a 3 hour drive each way. So, yeah, I'd much rather have it roll off in front of the driveway and have the rest of the day to play with it locally, rather than start off with a long drive in a brand new vehicle! (i.e.: I don't want to get 2 hours from the S.C. and have something go wrong.)
I am 140 miles south of the KC SC. My car came through prep at the St. Louis SC. That's about 300 miles from my house. My DS activated my app so I got to track progress as it headed for my house. The flatbed operator donned surgical gloves prior to driving it off the truck and into my driveway. That was a nice touch. A very nice experience.
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