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How do I connect to an "open" wi-fi network that uses browser authenticatio?

I am having trouble getting a decent wifi connection that my 18 P100D will use for updates. I live on the 28th floor of a condo building so cannot get my own wifi to connect. I've tried using a hotspot, that doesnt provide any joy either. I am able to browse (albiet slowly) using the personal hotspot feature on my iPhone connected to my Tesla.

Here is the question. I live next to a hotel that has a nice strong wifi signal in its parking lot. They have provided me the password. Using my laptop, I can connect to the SSID and it immediately launches a browser window where I check the terms and conditions box, enter the password, and I'm good to go. However, on the car, I can also connect to the SSID, do get the green connected checkmark on the dash, but no internet and no browser is launched. If I open the browser manually, I simply get an immediate "no internet connection" error message. I never get a chance to enter the password.

Anyone else have this issue, and hopefully a solution ????

Thanks in advance!
Usually just typing in google.com in the browser will redirect you to their login portal.

A better solution is if you can get your car's MAC address and whitelist it (i.e. it's a cable company hotspot).

Another workaround, albeit a bit dirty, is temporarily changing your computer's MAC address to match your car's and then authenticating using your laptop's browser then reverting the changes back. This will work as long as the MAC address is whitelisted on the hotel's wifi (which is usually cleared every day).