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How do I disable the noisemaker in my Tesla Model 3

Just received my Model 3 Performance today, and I can confirm that the noise in forward is unnecessary and the reverse noise is extremely annoying, especially when pulling into an apartment complex late at night with people sleeping. I'd love to find out if there's a way to disable the speaker, or maybe just cover up the grille under the front fascia and muffle the sound significantly.
The rear noise is ridiculous. One of the reasons we wanted an EV is so we could put the car in our garage quietly as the kids bedroom is above it. We also put in quiet belt-drive garage door openers and it has been great with our older S.

This incredibly loud and obnoxious noise in reverse tho is just plain crazy. Also seems somewhat redundant with reverse given the slow speed people reverse in, the parking sensors and the wide angle rear view camera all providing info.

We only picked our 3 up on Friday and the test drive car had no such feature, nor did the salesman mention it. We're still within the one week return window so we're tempted to just do that if they can't disable it. It would seem the law states it's only compulsory for cars manufactured after September 2020 - next year!
What about all the existing hybrids that are silent? My altima (10 years old) was silent much of the time at low speeds- so this law REALLY makes no sense!
One need to start at some point, now is the same as tomorrow, someone will get it
And lot of people will disable it, at theyr own risk, like stopping for a cop who find out "ah you have an ev! why aren't it making noise?"
No one like it, no one want it, unless we can enable/tune/lower volume/etc it, but it's not going to happend
I'm happy mine doesn't have it, really, i just hope we wan't have this added "by law" to the old car
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I'm not so much bothered by the noise makers outside of the car...
it's the ones inside that can really be annoying.

You wouldnt believe what the EU bureaukrauts did. To protect the pedestrians, in EU this artifical noise has not only to be heard outside but it needs to be heard inside as well, by the very definition of this new EU rule. Future is not bright, future is dark due to too many retarded politicians...


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Oct 9, 2013
Let me understand this ... as of date xxx, all Model S, 3, etc. do this?

So the speaker has always been there?

This sounds beyond stupid.

Speaker has been added in recent production, to comply with the new regulations.

But otherwise yes, I believe - assuming you mean all cars built after a date rather than all cars having a firmware update to add it.
I haven't seen what studies legislators are relying on to justify EV pedestrian noise makers. Seems like it's just another thing to raise the price of EV's, which in turn increases the taxes on them. But I'd bet far less blind pedestrians are involved in EV related accidents, than pedestrians playing with their phones.

I read a lot of the legislation, studies and reports last year, sorry I don't have quick access to the references but here are my take away's.

Quick quick take away... there were no studies that showed that there was a problem specifically with anyone or any group of people getting hit BECAUSE they didn't hear the vehicle.

Longer version...It all started with a blind persons organization talking to their congressman. Studies were done. Studies said People get hit by cars(duh), but there was no specific correlation with not being able to hear the vehicle. In regards to blind people, there was no comprehensive study to actually LOOK(no pun intended) at what the reasons were for why any of the blind pedestrians that were part of the dataset got hit. Then there was a study that went ahead and looked at how quiet hybrids/bev's were compared to ICE vehicles and that is where the noise standard came from.
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Wow 50 posts and still nobody answers the question. hasnt anybody disabled this yet? Is a resistor really necessary to not throw a fault?

Pop the front underboddy panel off so that you can reach your hand into the space on the passenger side front corner. The speaker is right in that area. Disconnect the harness and see if the computer complains. I doubt it will, but if it does, then worry about resistors. Until then, it should be an easy thing to try and test. My car was delivered in July so the speaker doesn't physically exist, but the cutout for it does.
It would be uncharacteristic of Tesla not to monitor the presence of a safety feature like the speaker. Everything in the car is monitored. It even admonishes you when you close the center console magnetic catch lids too hard

Agreed, but before people start asking for resistor specs and how to defeat the monitoring (if, in fact, it exists), a simple test to disconnect it and taking it for a quick ride around the block would certainly be a reasonable first step of advice. They're going to have to get to the device anyway - all I'm suggesting is they disconnect it and see what kind of complaining the computer does. Worst case is they now know what the error is and they'll need to continue to disassemble the device to get to the speaker, and best case is they've disabled the soundmaker and they're good to go.


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Nov 10, 2018
San Antonio
You wouldnt believe what the EU bureaukrauts did. To protect the pedestrians, in EU this artifical noise has not only to be heard outside but it needs to be heard inside as well, by the very definition of this new EU rule. Future is not bright, future is dark due to too many retarded politicians...
Not politicians, ICE lobby $$$. Give it a few weeks and there will be a good disable method if Tesla does not add a on/off button. It would be better if this was made cool and people wanted it for their own “sound” then all ICE cars would have to spend the money to make their cars so quiet that they could use one.
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