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How do I know if my older 75 X has the performance boost upgrade?

I found this article describes a free upgrade for 0-60 performance but “this upgrade is not available OTA, but rather only by your local Tesla Service depot”. So how do I know if it needs it from a technical perspective not looking at a stopwatch while I tear up the roads testing for it?
When I go to my account online for my 2017 100D, “non-performance uncorked acceleration” is listed among the Car Details. I do not know when this was done to my car.
I checked my car details and it doesn't have the Uncorked Acceleration. I setup an appointment with SC and they said to call tech support. I called and they said they'd push the change OTA and afaictl I dont see any change.
Forgive the ignorant question, but I have never seen that screen before. So I may as well ask here instead of trying to Google it, how do you get that info?

i used an iOS app called Teslemetry. It’s pretty neat it uses your built in web browser on the vehicle to display the info.

In regards to my problem , it looks like they (to nobody’s surprise) were misinformed and this uncorked performance enhancement cannot be done OTA. I have an SC appointment next week to get it done.
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