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How do I stop auto-folding mirrors when garage door opens?

I recently purchased a used 2018 Model X and accidentally set up the Homelink with my garage door at home to automatically fold the rear view mirrors. I need to use the rear view mirror to back my car in and get close to the side of the garage without hitting it(I know the side camera can show something similar but the perspective isn't quite the same). I tried to reset the home location where the Homelink activates with the autofold mirror check box unchecked. It still does it every single time I get home. Any good way to fix this without going thru the reprogramming the Homelink from the beginning? Thanks
I’m not aware of the auto fold mirror option being connected to homelink at all. In Quick Controls there is a fold option that then has a clickable blue text asking whether to autofold at this location. So are you saying you X’ed this option when at your home it and it is still folding?


Note that the “Full open set at this location” above is referring to the falcon wing doors , and there is a separate Mirror Auto-Fold toggle in the Vehicle menu that is associated with folding when the car is locked.
Does this mean that the doors automatically open when you get to the set location??
No, it just means that if I open the FWD at that location that they will open all the way. This is inside my garage, where there is enough space, but without me having this setting they will only partially open as they are overly cautious.
Here’s the autofold checkbox under the homelink screen.
I was not aware of that. Played with it a bit and when I changed the setting in the homelink menu it changed the autofold option in Quick Settings. But turning on autofold in the Quick Controls menu did not change the autofold in my Homelink menu.
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