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How do I turn on a NON-Tesla Charging Station?

I apologize if this is a very ignorant question (I'm a tesla Model X 2020 newbie).

I reviewed the charging stations thread, the charging etiquette thread, the friendly car park google maps thread, and even Lee Gardens EV Section of their website (including their terms and conditions pdf). None of those had the instructions I was looking for, but maybe it's so simple no one ever wrote it down? Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

A few days ago, I was in Lee Gardens 3 car park, it was the best most convenient location, and I got excited when I saw EV section. So I went to the EV parking area, found an open spot and parked. I found my adapter and connected it to the correct hose, and successfully plugged it into my car.

I just didnt understand what to do next? There were two screens. The first screen is the screen connected to the charging station that my car was plugged into. It showed, "TAP CARD OR SELECT YOUR EV CHARGER NUMBER" It is a 3 digit number. The brand of the charging station was EVMega. (I even checked their website for instructions) What is that mean? I tried to swipe my octopus that did nothing. I think I tried to put in a number similar to the car park spot printed on the ground, but it didn't work. Is there a membership or something I'm supposed to have joined prior to parking here?

Another screen nearby said, "Swipe or tap your card to the screen" I tried my octopus that didn't do anything either. I tried my credit card too I think.

I'm missing something simple or obvious. Something so obvious it's not listed on the instructions. I checked all the nearby signage, but still didn't give me the insight I needed.

Any information would be appreciated. Again sorry, it's an ignorant question.
NonTeslaCharging Station w Octopus.jpeg
Non Tesla Charging Station Screen.jpeg
For the medium chargers, it should be just enter the 3 digit parking spot number and tap your octopus. Not sure about the fast DC chargers.

If you have the time, perhaps ask car park staff or call EV Mega hotline 2180-2400.
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