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How do I upgrade my slacker account?

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The model s and x guys said to email Tesla about their slacker account to upgrade it but when I emailed Tesla, they said they aren't providing slacker information for the model 3 at this time.

Anyone able to upgrade their account?
I just got my own personal account, upgraded it and it works great logged in on my car. Are you trying to upgrade the supplied account from Tesla? Not sure that’s a thing. :D

I’ve heard of getting the credentials so you can login on your PC and do things, but not upgrade it.
I did get my Model S account for Slacker, but having that doesn't provide any benfit to upgrading your service. You can log in on a separate device and do very slight customization - like adding Sports and News into the rotation.

I think in the Model S to upgrade to your own premium subscription, you have to scroll up in one of the windows while in the car and enter your own credneitals for you own Slacker account.
I wanted to upgrade the account and link it to the car.

I understand now. You only need the credentials if you want to use the Tesla account on the PC but if I just create an account and buy the upgrade I can use that info and enter it in the car.
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