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How do you deal with "Tesla ordering anxiety"?

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One of the most interesting and yet unexpected things I've learned so far in the order process is how many people are having trouble dealing with the waiting game. I personally think that keep daily tabs in a forum and seeing others receive VINs doesn't help (even though I'm guilty of this myself). But I totally understand the enthusiasm, excitement, and differing circumstances that makes it real hard to resist.

I can't really speak for those who have been waiting since 2019, which is sooo long to me, so I have to applaud the patience of these people (I've only been waiting for a month, lol). Although lately, I've learned to keep things in perspective. I've got my daydreams set on rolling in the MY in the summertime, with the sunshine shining on the bright white seats! Plus I'm fortunate enough to still have my truck that I still love with all my heart. =)

To conclude, I just want to send good vibes to everyone experiencing frustration while waiting. HANG IN THERE, keep yourself busy with other things that make you happy in life and in no time your car will be yours!

Happy friday, enjoy the weekend.

PS. If you're reading this you are blessed.

I'm in San Jose and i ordered a MYP on 1/28 it said March 1-March 31 but it ended up being ready on 2/23 and i delayed delivery because i still had a 5 months left on a lease. I ended up hitting a giant rock after a Tesla hit it first in front of the Tesla factory a few days later and my car is totaled. It currently says 3/21 - 3/31, i haven't been able to reach my advisor since i delayed delivery. I'm just hoping i'm not in some type of delayed queue that has to be manually pushed for me to get a car now.