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How do you turn volume of chimes down?

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I managed to find the settings page to turn the chimes off, but everytime I start the car, the settings revert back to the chimes. Is there no way to save the preferred setting or do I have to set the chimes off everytime I start the car?
You can turn all chimes off when you are at a stand still, there is a little volume/speaker icon top left of the car when its stopped. Click on that all the chimes will turn off.

Including parking chimes.... so when you park you might want to turn them back on.
I'm getting a 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid.
I've been driving with 2 feet for 45 years and prefer it to 1 foot driving.
The Model S chimes and gives me a warning message if I use 2 feet.
Is there a way to turn off or unhook the chime?
I've never had an issue with 2 foot driving and find this "feature" annoying.
I also have a BMW iX M60 EV SUV and it doesn't have this issue.
I drive all my other cars with 2 feet.
There's a Tesla Service Center not far away.
Would they be able to turn this off or unhook this chime?