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How does one straighten a trunk taillight?

Can someone shed some light on how exactly I access the trunk taillight to align it? Or CAN I even align it? My right side lights are perfect, my left trunk light is installed too far in and to the right, which creates a noticeable gap on the left, not to mention it looks off as shown below. It also isn't mounted as high as the other... so it needs to go up and to the right.

I see a big plastic cover, but no screws or anything. I had Tesla fix some other delivery stuff and they didn't bother looking at this even though I asked. I do have a mobile ranger coming out to fix an airbag cover the Tesla techs stabbed, and they added this light issue to that... still unsure they will fix and I might have to take matters into my own hands.

Mind the Gap.PNG
Don't know if you could straighten it. You can pop off the plastic on the back of trunk, it's held on by clips and if you look closely there's a nut that you can unscrew. It'll pop out the tail light.

The issue is the tail light has two plastic prong that insert into the trunk.. Those are permanent.