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How does previous car experience match up with Model 3 experience

What was your previous vehicle and how does your Model 3 compare ( Quality and Build issues )

  • Coming from a luxury car ($50K+) Model 3 same or better

  • Coming from a Standard car ($49K-) Model 3 Same or Better

  • Coming from a luxury car ($50K+) Model 3 worse

  • Coming from a Standard car ($49K-) Model 3 worse

  • Model 3 First vehicle happy with Quality and Any Build issues

  • Model 3 First vehicle Disappointed with Quality and Build issues

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See the title fill in the poll

Compared in terms of what?
Cost of operation?
Cost of maintenance?
Dealership service experience?
Customer support from the OEM?
Looks and styling (interior vs. exterior)?

Poll is too biased. I came from a sports car that wouldn't even be considered in the same league as this car. They both served different purposes.


My model 3 is far worse in storage and hauling capacity than my minivan.
But it is way faster than the other EV it replaced in my garage.
But it doesn't handle as well as the real ///M3.

And all of that means absolutely not much of anything!

Vastly improved driving experience compared to the daily driver it replaced - a 2016 Camry. Really love the 3 compared to that car.
That's all I'm comparing it to since my other ICE vehicles are not apples to apples when it comes to the Tesla.
I came from a Lexus LS460 loaded with every option. It was super luxurious and ultra quiet. But the Tesla is so much more fun to drive that I feel like it’s comparing apples and oranges.

The fit and finish on both of our Model 3’s is flawless and neither car has needed any service. Lexus service was great but expensive and they made a fortune off me by inspecting things and finding nothing wrong. And then there was the $300 oil and filter changes. That got old quickly.
I loved my 1998 Honda C-RV. Most reliable car I've ever owned. But I sold it when the Model 3 arrived. How does one begin to compare the experiences?

Problem with the poll: The dollar values would depend on when you bought the other car. Inflation y'know.