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How far have you driven in one day? How fast?


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Jul 16, 2009
Redmond, WA
My wife and I typically do 500 miles per day when on road trips. I think she and I have done up to 800 in one day.

I rode along with a friend once on a 950-mile day.

I haven't calculated the overall speed. Though after the 950-mile day I figured that we could have driven from Seattle to California, then back up to Canada, then back home (about 1200 miles) in less than 24 hours. This was in a car limited to 90kW charging, and we didn't do anything special to spend as little time as possible stopped - in fact we spent quite a bit of extra time in one restaurant after our car was ready to go.

I really don't like driving that long in a gas car. I feel a lot more refreshed in an EV - smoother, quieter, fewer vibrations, etc. The charging stops are good refreshers. I can go a lot longer in an EV than a gas car. But still, after about 600 miles or so one does get tired of sitting...
We did slightly under 750 miles from Canon Beach, OR to Milpitas CA on a road trip in our S60 a couple summers ago. Total time was almost exactly 16 hours, with driving split between my wife and me.

The following day was another ~550 to Vegas, then a 3rd "short" day of driving home to Scottsdale.

After those 3 days, I was really tired. We did another road trip this summer, and kept most days under 400 miles. We had a couple of 500 mile days on the ~4500 mile trip over 3 weeks, and it was much more relaxing this time.


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Jun 14, 2013
Single driver, 1195 miles in 22 hours. Denver to Wisconsin.

I would have to go back and check, but I seem to recall some speeds nearing 100mph. Typically ran 5-10mph over limit.

Had one "excessive" stop for a meal, otherwise most SPC were fairly quick bathroom/snack breaks timed to the charge I needed to get to next SpC.
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around 1100 miles in one day (22 hours) with 3 hour event taking place in between which i slow charged. Average speed was usually 5-10mph over the speed limit mostly highway speed. I did kill some time at the supercharging stations by charging closer to 95% before leaving. I would not do this if there were cars waiting. Luckily it was pretty much vacant. Going home, I would charge enough to get to my next charging station.


Max Speed: 200 kph (-125 mph)
Longest Tesla trip in one day: 800 miles Newark, NJ- Savannah, GA. One driver alone including charging stops -17 hours. I really did not try to minimize charging time, but did try to stay relaxed. FWIW, making such trips in ICE's always left me exhausted. This time I was tired, but not exhausted.
My longest trip was shortly after purchase two years ago with record breaking cold temperatures and gaps in the Supercharger network.

It was about 1,200km (800-miles ish) from Toronto, Canada to Wisconsin. I had to drive some sections without heat at 80km/hr (on 100km/h highways) just to make it.

Now, that trip would be easy with all the required superchargers open.
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Jun 14, 2013
For those reading this thread and the comments about faster driving actually taking more time, that is not always the case. It depends on distance between SpCs as well as the typical range issues (ambient temperature, elevation change, traffic, wind, etc...).

Because I had to drive so far in one day (almost 1200 miles in 22 hours upthread) I spent a significant amount of time researching (via evtripplanner and evtripping) and then adjusting on the fly.

My recollection is that 75-80 was best for that route, but total time increased quickly after that speed. It is not just the charging time, but in some cases the distance off the freeway to the SpC that makes the difference.
600 miles per day is about my limit as a solo driver. I stick to the speed limit, which is pretty high in the Intermountain West, or less if I'm having trouble making the next Supercharger Station. My record in an ICE car was more than 1100 miles but I was decades younger and never did it again. I've never been on a road trip with two drivers but I would think that one could keep going much longer with the spare driver taking a nap periodically.

As I got older I started visiting rest stops regularly to take a break and walk around or take a nap if nodding off. Making the transition to breaks at Supercharger Stations was really easy. And my S60 is really slow charging so my stops are much longer than those of you with larger battery cars. But 600 miles as a solo driver is no big deal.


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May 17, 2014
Central Valley
I drove home by myself from Moab UT via Blanding, Flagstaff, Kingman, Barstow, Tejon Ranch to Fresno. I left at 7:15 MDT in Utah and arrived home at 3:00 AM PDT. I had to range charge in Blanding and Kingman in order to reach the next SCs in 2014--Needles was not built. I was brand new to Tesla driving so kept my speed on the longer legs to 10 under to ensure reaching the next SC safely.

Today, with Needles and Mojave, there would be no need to range charge at Kingman, and no need to detour to Tejon Ranch in order to reach Fresno. That, combined with a better understanding of range and speed, if I were to repeat that journey today I would guess that I could save over two hours on that route.


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Mar 24, 2013
In my stupider days - but no speeding, no funny stuff and just two thermoses of coffee that I loaded up prior to departure -

I did the 3,050 mile run from my home in Alaska to Park City UT, in mid-November

in 3d 1h.

Had to refuel just once (that F-250 I had set up for carrying 288 gallons of diesel); never stopped for food. A few 1- 2-hour catnaps.

Never, never again.
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