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How long before delivery did you install wall charger ?


My grandfather’s car
Dec 3, 2018
New England, USA
Thanks. Given that Tesla changes my EDD every day, I’ll wait until I at least get a VIN.
I would have gone to the exact opposite conclusion. In most parts of the US now, there is such a building boom that electricians are difficult to hire. So what if you install your charger two months early? OTOH, depending on your location and driving, going the first two months without a home charger can be a major PITA.

In my case the nearest SCs were about 50 miles away. My driving often has long legs that do not pass easily via a SC. My first weekend I had no at-home charging and scrambled to make do, even though I had started arranging for an install at least a month (maybe two) prior.

At my primary residence, the install was several weeks early. However there was a suspicious flashing red light on the charger. Researched it and found the internal settings were set to "test", not "64A". (HPWC version 2, 2018 X). Glad I resolved this early, as the very next morning after delivery we had a 200 mile day scheduled. The car has been delivered with a fairly low charge.

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My grandfather’s car
Dec 3, 2018
New England, USA
Nothing stopping you from putting a 14-50 plug on the wall charger either. My mobile charger is likely enough but there are times I could see where a faster charge would be useful and keep me from making an SC stop while out.
If one does this one is required to have an A/B switch, so only one device/outlet can be powered at a time, never both.
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Just received my Tesla wall charger. However my “EDD” is 7/26-8/15. Should I wait until I get a VIN before installing ?
I would do it now. I ordered my MYLR and the charger the same day. The charger arrived about a week later. It then took 2 weeks to schedule an electrician. I was lucky, originally my EDD was 6-12 weeks but I got the car in just over 4 weeks. So I only had the charger installer 1 week before delivery.
I live in a townhouse that I purchased in 2005 (big mistake). It took me 3 months to get the association to approve my request to install the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector. But the approval came with two stipulations: 1. When I sell my townhome, I must remove the wall connector, cemented post and the armored cable and restore the property the way it was before the installation. 2. I have to accept full responsibility if one of the association's contractors (landscaping or snow plowing) damages my charging equipment. I can't sue the association or contractor for any damages. I had the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector installed on July 1st 2020 on an IPE (Brazilian Hardwood Plank) with armored cabled buried 18" underground from my assigned parking space into my basement where it was connected to a new 60 amp circuit to provide 44 miles per hour of charging. Total cost to install (includes Tesla Gen 3) $2,500.

I took delivery of my Red Model Y Performance *EMUSK*on July 27th, 2020.

I wanted to place Tesla solar panels on my roof and my request was denied. I will never ever purchase another townhome or condo again. Single family home with plenty of property and sunlight. Lessons learned.


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Home owners associations are normally stocked with some of the worst tyrants around. All that money spent on your charger means for the foreseeable future, it was far more expensive to "fuel" your Tesla than it would have been an ICE car. I think this is one cost people factor in. In the US, it isn't like 220v circuits are everywhere. The cost of installing a charger and the cost of a charger is pretty significant.

I got off pretty cheap and all together wall connector and my 14-50 circuit are going to be about $900. That would cover about 370 gallons of gas in my area. Our ICE daily driver is about 40 mpg. Just the charger/install costs would pay for about 15k miles of fuel for that car. If it was as expensive as tracykarin's situation, it would cover 43k miles. That eats up a huge amount of the supposed savings. Obviously the payback is even longer when you factor in your electrical costs as well.

Even if I went with just the portable charger, I'd still need a long extension cord to use it. Even that would have added $50 minimum. I'd only be able to gain about 4 miles per hour of charging so that didn't make much sense in our scenario though for some it might be enough.


Jun 6, 2021
Just installed my Wall Connector today, MYLR isn't due for delivery until late August or early September. I figured it would take several weeks to get an electrician to come out, but one local company replied with an estimate the next day, and could install it only 10 days later. They won my business, especially when 4 other companies did not even bother to reply to my requests for estimates.


Jun 15, 2021
Washington, DC
I already had a NEMA 6-20 I use for my PHEV and whoever lived here before me did welding so there's a NEMA 6-50 that I've never used.

I waited until I got my car to order the 6-50 adapter. In the mean time I charge it off the 6-20 I use for my Prius Prime... that one maxes out at 240V 16A (~14mph), but its good enough while I wait for the 6-50 attachment to arrive.
I would recommend installing the wall charger prior to getting the car. It’s a great way to check that the PCS is working correctly. Mine is 2 weeks old the the PCS was bad from the factory; I suspected this was the case when the car was charging at 32 amps from the wall charger, instead of the the 48.
This is good topic - I am in the market for a Model Y LR this fall and living in a townhome with plans to move next year, I think it will make sense to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet and forgo that Tesla Wall Charger thing (until the next home maybe). I know you can technically "take it with you"...

Two questions from those with the NEMA 14-50 outlet:

1. Has anyone installed an outlet on the exterior of their home and covered it with the outdoor plastic covers (like you can with other standard outdoor outlets)? Is that even possible to code with a 50-amp outlet? I suppose I can always ask the hired electrician. I'd rather not have to open my garage every time I want to charge my Y. And to answer that - no unfortunately my small 1-car garage is occupied with other junk we can't park any cars in the garage lol.

2. Worst case scenario I have to wait on installation or other circumstances, is it detrimental to charge the vehicle on a standard 20-amp outlet? I already have one of those in the garage. Does it take forever to charge (for example from 30% to 80%) on 20-amp?

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