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How long do you plan on keeping the Model S?

For the first time ever I leased a car - the MS. I figured that way it would be sort of like upgrading my iPhone every two years. I'll be out of date for half my time in it, but will be able to survive! The added benefit is the wife bought off on this plan so there isn't the new car debate in the house any more.
I will keep it until it dies - hopefully about 20 years or more. At least that is my current plan, since a lot can change in just 5 years. Perhaps i will also add a model 3, since my wife will be due for another car about the time it is released.
My intent is to be the one and only owner of my Model S. That said, I will probably add to the fleet in the future (Model 3). Hopefully I can also get an electric truck in the next 5 to 10 years.

I would like to Drive mine forever too...if the repair costs don't get too out of hand. If the million mile powertrain Tesla, that Elon hinted at, comes out I'll get one of those and call it a day.
Definitely planning on this as a 10+ year car. At my rate of driving, it'll have a quarter million miles on it by year 10! Well, maybe not. Year one was 25k miles. Year 2 has slowed down dramatically.

Only thing holding me back is if I decide to give it to my 8 year old son when he heads off to college in 2026.
This is tough, generally I've kept my cars about 3-5 years, but generally they've been almost 20 years old so they've been falling apart by then... This car is different, I'm buying 1 year old, so the logical part of me says I could keep it 15 years... The emotional part of me asks what cool toy they'll have next. Realistically, I think I'll probably keep it 8 years (until the end of the extended warranty) and then upgrade to whatever new toy Tesla is slinging at that time (or hey, if another automaker manages to catch up by then, I'm not brand loyal, I'll drive whatever I think suits my needs best)

My main worry right now, is that unless something changes drastically in regards to service, I don't want to have one of these cars out of warranty. Tesla's hostility towards third party and DIY repairs, combined with expensive shop rates and even more expensive parts, tells me that I don't want to deal with that without a warranty.
For what its worth, my car is out of warranty. So far, the service experience has been pretty good. They still give you a free loaner Model S, they waive the diagnostic fee if they actually find something wrong, and they didn't charge ridiculous hours against the fix (only charged me 2.8 hours for a day and half's worth of work).
Although there are tech upgrades, I really don't particularly want any of them. I don't want a self driving car unless everyone else has one. Then I might as well have a people mover like in Disneyland.

There are one or two minor features that are intriguing, but no where near enough intriguing to upgrade and shell out a lot of money for.

I'm the same way with my phones though too, so take it for what it is worth. Not a tech junkie.

With all the tech upgrades that have been coming down the pipe with the MS, how long do you plan on keeping it? Are you going to upgrade when you can? Is this the last car you plan on purchasing?Thanks
Our 70D isn't slated to arrive until the end of November/start of December, but the plan right now is to keep it for as long as it makes sense to... so probably at least 8 years and anything more than that depends on what we end up replacing our other car with in 5 years or so and what upgrades (battery, drivetrain, or otherwise) become available for the Model S over time (like the battery upgrade program for the roadster, for example). Obviously, reliability and cost to repair will also factor into the decision.
Depends almost entirely on the experience within the first three years.

Right now I'm at 8500 miles within the first 4 months without any significant issues.

If that continues to 45,000 miles at 3 years then I'll likely keep it unless there is something significantly better.

Essentially it's going to have to be a massively reliable car for me to keep it. This is in part due to the fact that I can't purchase the extended warranty in WA state.
Depends really - the Model S isn't like a 'normal' car, such that the battery is a major determining factor. Should the range decrease massively, this might precipitate getting rid of it. However, if reasonably priced battery upgrades become available, then our choice of the 60KwH battery will have been a good decision - and it'll be in the garage for a very long time indeed (I generally keep cars around 7 or 8 years)
I'm perfectly happy with my car, and will keep it for years. However, I have been toying with the idea of giving it to my better half and getting myself a newer one with more range. Seems we never took road trips until we got the Tesla, so extra range would be nice to have. I don't really care about any of the other stuff available now that I don't have.

At least then we'd be a two Tesla household! The joke in our house is that he doesn't want my "hand-me-downs". Lol

I just love my " first Tesla " so much, I couldn't imagine her not being around.
My original plan was to keep it 8-10 years, but I succumbed to the Deep Blue Metallic paint(I wanted blue the first time, but it was too black), huge seat comfort improvement, performance and range improvements, and enough misc things to cause me to sell my old one and upgrade.
Am pretty happy with my 70D...the S has improved so much in the 2 short years that i had my classic 40. Am planning on keeping this one a while...of course that doesn't mean I won't get a model 3 or an X to add to the household to replace the ICE cars we still have.:smile:
The MS was my first lease, so I'll have it for 3 years (unless I decide to trade in sooner). I had my last car for about 4 years and was ready to trade it in at about the 3 year mark. One of the things I like best about the MS is how futuristic it is, and while there are other cars out there with features the MS doesn't have, I think the MS has them beat overall. However, in the time I've followed Tesla, I've seen how quickly things change on the car. Things that I can't imagine the car not having now (TACC, navigation system updates, far more comfortable seats, auto-closing charger door, hopefully soon to be autopilot on highways, etc) were not there just a year or two ago. So, who knows what will be added in 3 years! If I had a pre-autopilot car, I'd definitely be thinking hard about upgrading, and I can't imagine that there won't be another similar feature added in the next couple years. Heck, I bet I'm going to have trouble going 3 years!

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