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How long does the Used Tesla buying process take?

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Just curious what to expect when buying a used car from Tesla? I put down a deposit on a used car last week, and haven’t heard anything yet. It’s going to need to be shipped cross country, and i wanted to ask some questions about it before moving forward.
I've bought three over the last year now. Based on my experience & what I've read I tell friends to put a deposit down & then try to forget about it. Plan on it taking at least a month, possibly as many as two. If you end up taking delivery in 2-3 weeks consider yourself lucky. If it takes a month or more you won't be stressing out. It by no means is it like any other car transaction you've ever done & sadly not for the positive.
6 days from deposit to driving away. depends if the car needs anything done before you pick up and where you are picking up from. If there trying to clear 3000 model 3's with owners measuring gaps and trying to work put paint thickness it will take a little longer. The next time they contact if will be to tell you the finl amount, after that you will be sitting in the car pretty quickly
Older thread but curious if anyone has ordered since corona crazyness and what their time from order to delivery was.

I just ordered a 2017 and am fine waiting awhile but would be nice to know some kind of timeline.

Placed my order on March 30th, car is 3 hours from me, so no delivery, no ETA. I'm in Texas, so it's complicated, but still no signs of the car...

In the process, my Sales Agent left the company or got fired. My delivery specialist has made a few errors on the MVPA. Service department gave me the middle finger, asking for some basic history on the car...

Shame on me... I'm still not backing away haha!
Older thread but curious if anyone has ordered since corona crazyness and what their time from order to delivery was.

I just ordered a 2017 and am fine waiting awhile but would be nice to know some kind of timeline.


I purchased a 2014 P85 two weeks ago and drove from SoCal to Fremont to pick it up two days after ordering because truck delivery times were very vague. They aren’t really allowed to be selling/delivering cars so I had to meet a delivery person at a nearby grocery store parking lot. Handed over a check and was on my way in 5 minutes or so. It was an excellent opportunity to enjoy AP1 on the 6 hour trip home.
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Thanks. A used tesla advisor called me a few hours after I posted this question and we got the vehicle transport setup He told me it would be about 10-15 days total before it was ready for delivery which I am fine with. He was wanting me to do financing tomorrow which I kind of balked at given the amount of variables that could come into play and extend the timeline out.
Ours was a few weeks from placing the deposit to picking up the car. The experience of picking it up (Fremont, CA) couldn't have been easier, though. The car was completely spotless inside and out, the paperwork was ready for us when we got there, there were no "surprises", they gave us a good orientation to the car and we were on our way down the road about 40 minutes after our scheduled appointment time.
Update. Ordered a 2017 P100D that was in Orlando on April 13th. I still do not have a confirmed delivery date scheduled but I have been told it should arrive at my local delivery center (Kansas City, MO) on the 4th. Assuming I can pick it up this coming week it will be right about what the sales advisor originally told me which is nice. Communication has been a bit lacking but overall so far I would say its been decent.

Side note: I am a bit annoyed I have to show proof of insurance for the MS before delivery. I have never had to show anything other than my current insurance when purchasing previous new and used cars. My insurance has a 30 day grace period for adding a new car so not sure why tesla has this policy.
Put down the deposit May 22nd. It's June 1st now and everything is done and paid for (financing is finalized and submitted and I also paid for the fees and delivery). I got an email yesterday saying there is currently no ETA for the Model S that has to travel from Chicago IL to Houston TX. Having looked at several forums, it seems that the largest factor is when you submit financing. If you just put the deposit on it and wait to do a anything else, you have to wait longer for the vehicle. My advice would be to have financing ready (or at least pre-qualify forms certain amount and get the insurance on the car you wants' VIN. It is a process. The only change I've seen from Corona craziness is that Tesla has an option for "touchless" deliver. The paperwork is in the car and you drop it off in the mail slot. They look it over and hand you the keys through the slot. It's an option if you want to do it that way.
Car is maybe 14 miles away. Apparently it's "ready to go."

Deposit: 8/8
All possible things I can do complete: 8/11
Car gets damaged by hail: 8/11
Repairing right away:8/13
8/14: "Delivery will follow up with a text or email when the vehicle arrives sir thanks"

Not sure where the vehicle is or why there is a wait but I'll update the post when I find out more!