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How many are waiting to order or postponing the delivery date due to proposed Tax Credit

With proposed Tax credit, how many are waiting to place the order, postponing the delivery date?

  • Waiting to place the order

    Votes: 50 25.6%
  • Postponing the delivery date

    Votes: 49 25.1%
  • Placed the order assuming credit may be retroactive irrespective of the delivery date

    Votes: 96 49.2%

  • Total voters
I've placed my order, but haven't completed the registration details (as per my sales advisor), waiting to see if the Tax Credit goes through. That could also be an option. (Placed order, but waiting for tax credit to complete it).

I don't need the MY until September 2021, so I can hold out until mid August I think before I have to complete the order (assuming there will be an end of Q3 push like there is right now for Q1).
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First of all, we're not even sure if the law passes. It's been proposed every single Congress but got nowhere.
Second, even if it passes, Tesla will probably know before us and increase the price to keep some of the money for itself, like it already increased the price of MY by $1k.
I'd say if you need a car, buy it now. If you don't need it now, buy it later. Do not let the bill be factor in your decision.
You could always buy the car and if the credit gets passed, turn around and trade it in on another one. You do lose a bit of money, but I doubt the car will lose over $7000 of value in 6 months to a year.
Taxes on the new car alone would be ~ $4000 which really digs into the profit of this approach. In California, trade-in value doesn't decrease your tax liability. :(
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This is a link to the current bill that contains the tax credit proposal. It is part of the Green Initiative. Has not moved since introduced. Looks like immigration or infrastructure will be the next big thing to occupy congress. I have heard nothing about pushing the Green Initiative.
If the following 4 aspects are applicable and true then I think it is better to Order now and postpone the delivery dates.
- Really don't need a Model Y now and Ok to wait
- Interested in the tax credit $ amount
- If you place the order now and if price of the car goes UP later, then Tesla will honor the ordered price at the time of delivery (price can change for the options selected)
- If you place the order now and if price of the car goes DOWN later, then Tesla will honor the lowered price at the time of delivery (price can change for the options selected)

What are your thoughts?
My thoughts:
(1) The price of EVs, including Tesla, will be coming down down due to competition.
(2) Federal and State programs are all ramping up and getting serious about incentivizing EVs due to Democrat leadership
(3) Teslas are getting better with each new update. Everybody wants the new features, nobody want the old version.

If money matters, these points all suggest waiting is better. The only disadvantage is you don't get to drive a new Tesla for months and months and it's hard to wait! ;)