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How many inches before STOP

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Does anyone know off hand how many inches away from obstruction the car is before you get the STOP noise?

I think it is about 10" but in my garage where I am checking it, I need to be looking away from the screen when it happens.
Keep in mind, when the car gets really close to things, it can only see them if they are directly opposite one of the sensors - things halfway between two sensors wouldn’t register. I think that’s why it goes to Stop at just under a foot.
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This is an issue I need to set aside time to resolve.
My garage is extremely tight, such that I have to use Summon to put the car away and get it out of the garage.
But the real problem is that the front sensors stop the car about 8 inches from the front wall. This means that it's arse sticks out and I can't close the door.
I have looked at putting it into neutral and pushing it but that won't work because the moment you leave the seat, it goes into Park.
It may be possible to do something similar using "Transport Mode" but I have not investigated this yet
8” sounds like a pretty narrow buffer to play with when the outcome of hitting the wall may be a part demolished garage and scuffed/damaged car. It is the minimum bumper distance setting for summon. I don’t think you’ll make it get any closer than that on summon unless you get some kind of ultrasound absorbing material on your garage wall to deceive the car about its relative position.

Get a bigger garage? Or turn it into a car port? Sorry, not very helpful.
I have already hit my garage wall (just a scuff on the bumper but will need touching up). The problem is that the run up to the garage goes down hill and then up hill quite quickly and I think the sensors see the ground as a potentinal obstruction. It is for this reason that I ignored the cars cries to stop and kept going...right into my garage wall. In my old car I always looked through the rear window, the old fashioned way. I think this is going to be the best policy. The angle on the reverse camera is not wide enough to show the side wall very accurately
The "standard" garage, or at least the ones in London, are 4.9m x 2.4m, with the doorway narrower, e.g. 2m. This simply won't fit a 4.97m x 2.19m Model S, but will just fit a 4.694m x 2.088m Model 3 with the mirrors folded.

I've got a garage this size, and this is one of the main reasons I waited for the Model 3. In between buying the garage and the car, and while sorting out the electricity, I tried to rent it out, and let's just say that I became very aware of the dimensions of the garage and the dimensions of the big cars nowadays.

To answer the original question, I haven't measured it exactly, but I suspect the "STOP" appears appears at around 20cm. Given I need around 10cm at the front and back, what I do is drive slowly until I get the "STOP", and then go forward another 10cm.

I can't try the autopark because it is by a wall and I can't drive past it, and I haven't tried summon because I suspect it won't work given you only get about 4cm on each side of the garage door with the mirrors folded so again have to ignore all the alerts and warnings as you drive in.
I haven't tried summon because I suspect it won't work given you only get about 4cm on each side of the garage door
Summon works surprisingly well in very confined spaces as far as the sensors are concerned. I tend to poke the nose of the car into the garage before getting out and Summoning it.
The app is a bit flaky in that Summon always fails on the first attempt and then often stops half way through the move and needs to be invoked again