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How many of you had Door handle issues on your Model S?


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Nov 3, 2016
So no troubles in almost 2 years and 17k miles. Any idea what generation handles you have? Anything replaced before you got it could be newer generation than the 2016.
No idea what generation handles the car has and I don't know if they were replaced before I bought the car from Tesla.


Nov 12, 2015
United States
I'd sure like to know how to do this...nothing I can find on the screen or in the manual.

Apologies for the lousy photo but it's under "Vehicle" where it says "Driver Door Unlock Mode".


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May 13, 2019
Raleigh, NC
2016 MS 90D. 2nd owner, bought the car 5/2019.

I've had the front and rear drivers side door handles replaced in those 2 years.. Those are the 2 most used since if I load things it goes into the back seat on that side.. When the front drivers side was replaced I talked to the mobile tech and he said I had the older style and the new style is more stronger and should last longer since some part was made stronger (i forget what part specifically) but it goes back to @whitex point of Tesla making things better over time to improve things for everyone. 👍
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S 100D 2021.32.20
Mar 8, 2015
June 2016 Model S 90D - Owned for 9 months. No door handle problems.
December 2016 Model S 90D - Owned for 26 months. No door handle problems.
March 2017 Model S 100D - Owned for 49 months. No door handle problems.
December 2017 Model S 75D - Owned for 40 months. 3 door handles fixed under warranty.

X-Care EV

Feb 13, 2019
Frisco, TX
XCare has replaced lots of these. First gen door handles were less reliable and very complex. Second gen were more reliable, but still problematic long term. Pretty much anything that moves a lot will ultimately fail.


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Nov 3, 2016
The "infamous" Model S door handle issues finally hit my car. First door handle that needed to be replaced. It didn't actually stop my case, but had started making a faint creaking sound while retracting. The car is 5 years old now with 65k km/40.6k miles, 2nd owner.

A Mobile Ranger came out to my house and replaced the handle. Car is still under warranty, so my cost was nothing.
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Oct 2, 2018
I have had two door handles (the same one twice, actually) fail on me (since end of 2017, mid-2017 built). The SC thought they would have to replace the whole thing but when I asked for the part it suddenly turned out to be « just a controller board » issue (which actually fixed the issue). When the same issue popped up a few months later (six to eight-ish) I made a mobile service appointment and the ranger told me it was the same exact issue (wiring/controller).
It has been about nine month since then and no new issue since then, but I fully expect that something is not isolated properly around that controller and that the issue will keep happening semi-regularly.. as long as the last repair is still inter warranty I don’t mind that much..!


Jul 27, 2020
12/16 Model S. I had the rear passenger handle go bad. Took like 6-8 visits to get fixed (they kept replacing parts until it finally worked, but on the bright side I now have all four door handles on the 3.0 revision).

12/16 Model S. I had the rear passenger handle go bad. Took 3 visits to get fixed (they kept replacing parts until it finally worked, but on the bright side I now have 2 doors handles on the 3.0 revision, including the front driver)
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Nov 21, 2016
Chicago, IL
My driver's side rear door handle failed (Door wouldn't open and kept retracting and coming back out even while in gear). Tesla replaced it with a v3 under warranty. It failed again 2 months later (broken wire(s)). Now it is acting up again and I'm out of warranty. It works most of the time but sometimes it will come out and not open the unlocked door (interior handle does open the door). It is some kind of loose contact with the wiring (might be broken again). I literally do nothing with that door handle differently and I use the driver's side door handle 10x more often (that is the LEAST used door handle in the car).

Hopefully it holds it together for the next 2-3 years or else the repair is easy/good willed.


May 8, 2016
2016 MS refresh, 3 of the 4 handles have had to be replaced. One was by a mobile service visit under my ESA. He told me the repair cost (just replacing the gear piece) was $72, so instead of there $200 ESA deductible he just charged me the $72. At least now I know the cost if it fails in the future. Not bad for someone coming to me!

When the driver handle failed, I just put a string around it so I could pull the door open while waiting for service. Worked like a charm.


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Jul 15, 2008
Angwin (Napa Valley) CA
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I had my handles replaced just after I bought my first Model S back in 2012. No handle issues since then on three new Teslas.
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