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How Many People Have You Convinced to Reserve Model 3 (☰)...?

How many others have you convinced to reserve Model ☰?

  • Ten or more.

    Votes: 8 9.1%
  • Seven or more.

    Votes: 1 1.1%
  • Four or more.

    Votes: 9 10.2%
  • One or more.

    Votes: 37 42.0%
  • None.

    Votes: 33 37.5%

  • Total voters

Red Sage

The Cybernetic Samurai
Jul 6, 2014
Los Angeles CA
None that I know of. Most of my co-workers and family think I'm "drinking the Kool-Aid" by giving EM $1,000 of my money for a car some of them think will never be produced. I hope to prove them wrong by having a car before the end of 2018, and them being blown away by its sheer awesomeness. Hope I won't be disappointed.
Be sure to tell them that 'never' is coming... SOON.
I convinced my wife to let me get one - that was hard enough :)

Same here ;)

Believe it or not (this is Germany after all), most people I talk to admire my enthusiasm for Tesla, and some are even considering getting a BEV sometime in the future. But very few of those would ever consider Tesla at all. They'd rather wait until a German manufacturer produces a comparable vehicle. Don't underestimate how hard it can be to overcome home-bias. Especially in Germany. But at least I can count it as a success that even tough I couldn't convince anyone to reserve a Model 3 yet, most of those I talked to about the car are eager for a test-drive with me, once I get mine. I am positive that after those test-drives some will actually purchase a Model 3 themselves. After all, nothing beats the first-hand experience, does it? :)

And @tsla007: wow, that is some serious dedication there. Good luck on your quest, it's certainly a worthy cause.
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Held a meeting to talk about solar (catamount solar was present) and Tesla all electric cars. In the ads I stated what the meeting was for. the 10k was for promoting (newspapers/radio ads) "All about the Tesla model 3" the meeting/food/beverages/open bar/reserving the place etc. I had a huge powerpoint presentation to show everyone and it took about 1.25hrs. We had many model s available for test drives. People really perked up when we discussed what the 3 was price point and the performance and the solar guys kicked in and got a lot of jobs out of it. At the time a lot of people haven't heard about the Tesla. I'm guess about 33% of the public still hasn't a good concept of what a great car it is. I got 5k back from the solar company because it went so well for them.
I wasn't looking to get any money back. I'm just trying to promote the best US car there is and one that doesn't require blood oil.
I'm not saying it was profitable. Heck no. But I want to see as many teslas on the road that can be. I might even give a couple m3 away in 2020 to college grads with medical licenses *board certified*.

The powerpoint presentation was about the car just like elon's keynote/unveil. I included a lot of extras-like powerwall/solar roof on the house/ how it works/ charging/ other general car questions. I also included why I did it-I've had 8 close friends who were killed in desert storm 1 and 2. I hate oil with a passion. We would have never gone to war there if there wasn't oil being pumped out that the US needed to keep the price down. I did not do it for referrals. Don't care about that at all.
Wow that sounds great. Are you willing to share the PPT presentation you gave at this meeting?
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Red Model 3
Apr 27, 2016
I gave a speech in Toastmasters about why electric cars were the next thing. It was very well received, but no reservation holders known as yet--all said $35k was high. A couple attendees said they'd look into it when they hit the used market.

I completely understand where they're coming from. I'll only ever spent about half as much on a car myself, and the cost of insurance and plates feels daunting. If the price of gasoline ever goes back up, I think it'll be a different story.
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Basically I ran the video of the keynote model 3 unveil.
Then went into solar specifics of how much it would cost to solarize-then powerwall-then tesla charger. All info taken off tesla site and
a few articles and tweets by Elon. Catamount jumped in with more specifics.
I even told people about the leaf/bolt/volt and pictures and stats. Only 2 people seemed to have an interest in them and haven't heard about them.
I had about 45 min of q and a happen afterwards that were very good questions.
One wanted to know if they ordered a pwrwall could they expand it if they got 2 teslas-store enough energy from solar to charge 2 fully overnight. I had to look that up-yes you can-but you need a 10kw solar roof to generate enough energy-to charge them every night only from pwrwall juice.
He wanted to charge the car during lowest peak hrs-now I told him that wasn't necessary anymore. he said how. I told him that you can
program the car to charge up whenever you're plugged in at home and the pwrwall has enough charge. He clammed up right away and his eyebrows rose. I later saw him with Catamount solar making an appointment.
I'd say about 50 give it take a few that I convinced to either buy an S/X or reserve a 3 :) After exhausting my efforts with family, friends, coworkers, a car fanatics rally group (tho they love their growling gas cars), I also convinced many renters of my car (on Turo tho they already had some interest) and passengers (on Uber/Lyft though many could not afford it).

The key is to try to keep it in perspective and get them to see the big picture. Total cost of ownership should take into account gas and maintenance savings (reliability is improving), the tax credit that will phase out if they don't get in line in time, resale value that can be better than other cars due to OTA updates, etc. Also remind them Teslas are #1 in safety, performance, supercharging for electrics and technology (OTA updates and autonomous driving) as well as no dealer haggling. Autopilot 2.0 could be a game changer as well to allow the owner to earn money in fleet mode or at least be productive while the car drives itself.

Also, I work in finance at a large utility company so also am trying to push them to increase EV awareness and l install charging stations at apartment and condo complexes as well as large parking garages. If people can't charge at home or work then they will only consider an EV when it takes 5-10 mins to charge (which Tesla hopes to do with V3 superchargers but that could take 3+ yrs since they need the battery to handle the speed and still last long).
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