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How many pre-facelift owners here are on their original Drive Unit?

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Both of my Model Ss were pre-face-lift. First one, a 2012, sold at 82,000 miles, nothing wrong with drive unit that I know of. My "new" Model S, a 2015, has 93,000 miles, drives just fine every day. I would guess that drive unit replacements are not the norm, so why are you worrying? Any idea how long the drive units are warrantied for?
2015 P90DL, 34,000 miles, drive system works perfectly. (It is a facelift car, thanks to a recent upgrade by Unplugged Performance - pic).

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The question was drive "unit", not drive "units". Every answer above was for cars with dual drive units.

I believe the OP is asking "Are there any pre-facelift, rear drive cars that are on the original DU. The answer to that question is likely "zero".

But I could be wrong...

My car I listed above is RWD with original DU. It is a little noisy so hopefully it will get replaced before warranty is over.