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How many SR owner sees 220 Miles as estimated range

What is the estimated range that you're given on your SR

  • more than 220miles

  • 220 miles

  • less than 220 miles

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Yup. I checked with my service tech, and according to him, the degradation point that triggers warranty replacement is based off the SR+ capacity, not the SR. That means 154 is the magic number that would trigger a replacement.

In my case, if degradation is linear, I can expect a new battery an about a year. If it's linear.

There is some credible speculation asserting Tesla has fiddled with the capacity available, causing a loss of accessible range from 4% to 6%. If this is so, I only have between 4% to 6% degradation, which is still within normal parameters. Steeper than normal, but not really concerning.

If it is not true and I really do have 10% degradation after 6 months, I am in for a rocky year before they will do anything about it.
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I saw my range plummet overnight when I did my SR+ to SR downgrade. After 15k miles, I was still getting 239 miles at 100%, and it went down to 208 the day I got the downgrade. I’ve highlighted the date of the downgrade and the date of the previous OTA upgrade per TeslaFi.

A month later, I’m showing 207 at 100%, and lucky if I get 200 miles, even with a lifetime average of 221Wh/mi (which is often under 200).


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I think it's obvious that they accidentally (or purposely?) downgraded too much. I'm still hoping next software will fix it, but at this point I doubt it.
I agree. It looks like the same thing happened to the majority of standard range owners at exactly the same time, so I’m confident it’s a bug. However, if we’re not squeaky wheels, we are not going to get any grease.
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