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How many updates can you ignore?

I had a ranger visit yesterday and I'd put a post-it note on the screen asking him not to update as I want to stick with the old screen layout as long as possible (I'm on 2020.48.12.1). He said there would come a time, if I kept ignoring updates, when the car would no longer accept updates and would essentially be, in his words "a toaster".

So is this scaremongering or is there a point at which updates would either be forced or not work at all? How many releases can you safely skip?
Always be wary of general comments without supporting evidence. To say "toaster" can never be true anyway, so it's clearly an off the cuff comment.

I would be surprised if Tesla will always test every possible upgrade path, so I guess there is always a chance it may eventually refuse updates until it gets done at a service centre. But I'd say that's the worst case scenario and I can't see the car refusing to be a car even if it did get stuck on an old version.

He's probably trained to encourage customers to upgrade, just not necessarily that way.
Once in a while (last time was around May 2020), Tesla update security/network stuff and if you don't move on to the new software you will be limited in what you can do with the car - sufficient warning was given (~Nov/Dec 19) but iirc, those cars that didn't update lost access to mother and would have needed a service visit to get back in line - some may see that as a benefit!
Sounds good though, where does the bread go?

From what I've heard it will eventually force an update, rather than leave you bricked.

Not sure what you are waiting for though, it's not likely to change again.
If it has LTE connectivity there is a good chance, particularly with an update with undisclosed vulnerabilities, etc fixed, that the car will download it via that instead. I'm surprised that hasn't happened already to be honest.
As a new user, I only experienced the old screen for a short time. I haven't found the new speedometer layout quite as contentious as the veterans of the old layout. It seems the latest version has some worthwhile updates like improved regen.

I would definitely like to dial back the size of the visualisation screen overall though. It's a bit daft as it stands.
At some point you won't be able to install the latest update. This is what happens with all software.
Besides the obvious things, the updates fix bugs and update a lot of internal stuff to keep your car running smoothly. It's always a good idea to update to the latest version of software even if you don't like some change.
I six years, I have always updated to the latest software and never had any problems. Yes, there have been changes but I usually liked the improvements.
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