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How much did your electric bill go up?


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Jul 23, 2013
I'm in between two cars right now, one of which is a tesla. I was wondering how much your electric bill went up after you got your tesla?

It depends on how far you commute... And then with a Tesla double that 'cause you're going to want to drive EVerywhere.

Depends on electricity rates where you are.

Before I put solar panels on my roof, I figure my costs to be around 3 cents per mile. Now I'm closer to 0.8 cents per mile.

So, there's that. (My old Honda Civic Hybrid was 9 cents per mile, BMW 3 was 16 cents per mile, and my BMW X5 was closer to 27 cents per mile.)

So, don't forget to offset what your gasoline would have cost.

Oh and I don't have a straight answer to the question as I was already driving electric by the time we added the S (it was our 3rd EV)
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Feb 28, 2015
Merced, CA
My bill went down slightly even though I'm charging about a 1000 miles a month in my Garage. PG&E's EV-A is only 1/4 the cost of what I was paying per kWh.


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Dec 24, 2015
United States
I'm brand new to electric vehicles so please bear with me, EV credit? I wish we had that wind power!!! CA no such luck! We are the most regulated state and pay some of the highest taxes.


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Jul 23, 2013
I'm brand new to electric vehicles so please bear with me, EV credit? I wish we had that wind power!!! CA no such luck! We are the most regulated state and pay some of the highest taxes.

Get solar. It helps a lot in CA...

I'm in SoCal (SCE territory)


Jan 15, 2015
We went from 250 kWh/month (just the house) up to around 1400 kWh pr month (house and car). At the cheapest rate here in Denmark that is about $520 pr month. And the car still manages to save us $250 pr month compared to our old diesel.


Apr 11, 2015
Wheeling, IL
My condo charged me $2500 to install the 220v outlet, and then now charges me $50/month in extra assessments for the garage electricity. I commute 60 miles roundtrip a day but charge free at work so I probably use less than what they charge.

I imagine the model you drive (Performance or not) also affects how much electricity you will use.


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Mar 18, 2009
You will want to check on your utility's rate plans.
If they have an EV time of use plan, you will likely want that.

In general, you can plan on using about 1kWh for each 3 miles you drive. So if you drive 1000 miles per month and charge only at home, you will use about 330-350 kWh/month.

For your question, we pay $60-$70/month for two Teslas, driven about 3000 miles/month.


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Aug 17, 2014
Stouffville, ON Canada
I have driven 46792 km this year so far and it cost me CAD$ 1235.00 in home charging electricity. A lot of the driven km was on trips with free Supercharging. My calculations show that I saved CAD$ 5140.00 in gas ( based on equivalent MB S500 consumption ). Fuel operating cost is 2.6 cents / km.


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Jun 24, 2014
Santa Cruz Mountains, USA
Mine dropped 100/mth on the PGE EV plan. I also timed all my big energy users, like hot tub, to run during the low rate hours. So not only does it cost me nothing to charge, I am actually saving an additional 1,200/yr.


Apr 8, 2015
Around $50/month. It's hard to judge how much I charge at home, Sive we do a lot of road trips (~2500 miles/month, maybe 1/2 is supercharged)


Oct 14, 2015
San Diego
I use approximately half of my 80% charge (capped max charge limit at 80% total capacity) 5 days a week, with less use on the weekends. When I first got the car, I had not switched to my local PG&E's tiered rate plan. I simply used "off peak" hours (6pm to 5am or whatever). My monthly bill went from about $200 to over $500/mo. After switching to tiered rates, my monthly bill is now down to ~$300. That said, Ive only had this car for 2 months, so this is a very limited cross section I'm drawing from. I should also note I exclusively charge at home. I've used a supercharger a total of twice.

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