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How much do you think to fix this dent?

Hi - I wanted to see what people thought it would cost to fix this dent in the hood. Looking at buying this Tesla (2012 S85) and want to see how big of a fix it would be.

There are two dents/scratches and you see the aluminum. Thanks!!

FullSizeRender (26).jpg
If it is repaired at a certified Tesla repair facility it will come in right around $21,568.89. :frown::eek::mad::cursing:

I would give those dent werks guys a call to see they can remove the ding from the inside before they perform a touch-up repair. However, it does appear that it is directly above the reinforced hood latch mechanism (which may make this type of repair difficult).

Good thing you don't have MC Red, otherwise, they most likely would have to blow the bumper cover and fenders.
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I had a dent just like that on my Prius's aluminum hood and my dent guy took it out completely for $50. Then I used a toothpick to carefully layer in some primer, then several layers of matched touch up paint, and then globbed clearcoat on top of it and then used Lanka to smooth out the blob. You can't tell now unless you look real close.
i had a similar dent on the aluminum hood on my wife's 2013 Volt and after getting quotes from traditional body shops in excess of $500 the last facility suggested one particular dent/painless guys, since I had nothing to loose I had him look at it. 3 hours later my car was returned and while it is not 100% like the day it left the factory, it is very close.

You have to bend down and have your face within a foot of the hood to see what's left of the dent/nick.

$50 and I'm a happy camper. But I think the difference might be I have a Chevy emblem and you have a Tesla emblem. Good luck.
Get a good referal for a paint less dent guy. I had 6 dents like that taken out of an aluminum Mercedes E class hood after being caught in a hailstorm. If it's over a reinforced area they can always drill a small hole in the back for acess and then pop in a grommet when done. Then a little touch up paint ,1500 grit sandpaper ,compound then polish. You will never see the repair
The hard thing about this particular dent is that there is a reinforcing plate and sheet aluminum directly under where the dent is. So using a paintless dent remover may not be possible since there is no space for them to get behind the dent to push it up.

I had a Mazda MX5 with an aluminum hood (bonnet) some time ago. I found a paintless guy who was good with aluminum and he did a perfect job. He actually said that once you understand aluminum, it is actually easier to work with than steel. The trick is that aluminum stretches quite easily, so it takes time and a gentle, finessed hand. The problem comes in when there are supports that do not allow you get get behind the dent to persuade the offender back into conformity.

Tesla has increased the support of this area with some new reinforcement. I have not heard about how well it works.
My Tesla hood was crushed by falling ice - big dents - needed to replace the hood, paint and blend with fenders for a perfect good as new repair by boston area authorized body shop - insurance paid - don't recall how much but was in the neighborhood of a few grand (the car was new).

From the picture, the dent deflection isn't too bad - to do it right you would repainted the the hood and blend with fenders which if done professionally should run around $900 - I know this because after getting my hood replaced I accidentally dropped work lights on the hood and made a similar or worse dent and scratch.

A decent pro touch-up would involve blending paint in the damaged area and re-clear coating the whole hood - probably could be done for under $500 I would guess but not as good.