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How often to people try to race you?

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I searched for a thread about this, but didn't notice anything that seemed relevant

This is more of an anecdotal/"Tesla stories" type thread, but I wonder - as a Tesla driver - how often you have people in other cars pull up and try and race you?

Do you oblige?
How do you respond when you don't want/need to race?
Have yo ever embarrassed anyone?

I'm not into street racing, and I don't condone it - at all - but it'd be nice to know which car(s) out there my AWD 75D would smoke, and who you've smoked before ;-)
Back when Tesla's were not as common around here, I had other cars attempting to race me *constantly*, probably 90% of them driving BMW's. I confess if the conditions are suited for it I will oblige, and it nearly always results the same way with them in my rear view ;) I lost just once in my P85, and nobody has been remotely close in the P100D.

When racing I'll generally just go to 60 or so, usually on roads with speed limits of 45-50, and that seems to get the point across.
Mine happened while the wife and I were test driving the Model S.
The dealership let us take one for a to hour drive and just as we pass the Golden Gate bridge into Marin, this dude come flying onto the freeway in a brand new NSX.
He speeds up, catching up to me and instantly slows his roll and smiles at me as if to say "I don't want none" and continues traveling at a much lower speed than he was before.

No, keep in mind that the test drive vehicle governed to stay below 85mph, so even i i did want to go there, i couldn't - not to mention my wife was already cutting her eyes at me like "don't you dare" :)
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Happened the first time this weekend! I was driving down a long straight road running some errands and a kid in a BMW M550 with new tags came shooting up next to me, then slowed down next to me and started revving. He starts to take off and I floor it - easy peasy. Best part was pulling up next to him at the next red light and he wouldn't even look over at me. ;)
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Now and then I encounter drivers who don’t seem to know that it’s foolish to challenge a Tesla. They’re usually the ones who keep creeping up at a light before it changes. I long ago decided to just ignore this kind of behavior, but if the guy (yes, it’s men) is driving a BMW, Jaguar, or other performance brand I let them eat my dust:)
I will post this more under race/ road rage. Yesterday going to the vets I was traveling on a divided 4 lane and the car in front of me (a new Acura with some 20 some things in it ) would not pull over from the left lane. Rather than flash him I just decided to pull over to the right and pass. I was not horribly aggressive as I had the wife and dogs in the car but he managed to keep up with enough speed to block me running into slower right lane traffic. ohhhkayy, that's the way you want to play. He then paced the car in front of me to block me. That car then pulled off just before the two lanes became one. The prick in the Acura then staddled both lanes until the guard rail came up on the right blocking me again. I realized this could escalate so I kept a few cars back and when I got to my highway turn off he actually road the off ramp even though he was going straight on and then shot me the finger. I obliged with a similar salute some what frusterated that the 6 lane highway I turned off on would have been perfect to bury him on with a burst of Ludicrous but life goes on
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Driving back home a brand new Mustang V8 with a loud exhaust and a custom license plate V8 DEVIL, gets next to me and starts reving his engine at a red light, I look at him and smile, as soon as the light turned green He took off like rocket so did I, didn’t take long to pass hin and put a few cars length in between us... it was great :)
I frequently obliterate cars who mistake my acceleration to match traffic (to slide into carpool) as some invitation to try to race me to the "merge here cause youre gonna lose a lane" line.

Never lost any speed contest, for safety reasons such as getting out of the way, or otherwise :)
Constantly. It's usually younger guys in a mustang or challenger or something. I pretty much never bite. I've had some good laughs watching 16 year olds squeal their tires through an intersection because they imagine we are racing when we aren't.
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I get the occasional M5, E550, Panamera try it but by the time they are staring at the rear bumper of a P100D, they are sufficiently humbled by the next traffic light lol.

I do get a few kids with their souped up Acura’s, bmw 335, challenger hemi’s but funny enough they are wise enough to open their windows and simply say ‘no way brother...I ain’t even gonna try!’