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How reflective is that stainless steel finish going to be


S85D, Y LR, ex Prius PiP
Aug 16, 2015
Gilbert, Arizona
I was wondering how blinding the stainless is going to be, especially for people in sunny states like Fl and Az?
I might get mine wrapped just to avert blinding everyone if this indeed is an issue.
BTW, I do want to see the cybertruck in person before pulling the trigger, and I'd like to see it have at least 6 mos of production underway to get the early learning done one someone elses vehicle. Having said that, I really would like to have a cybertruck today.
I can fix that -

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Heating it with a torch can make it less resistance to corrosion

Intense localized heat from welding can result in the depletion of chromium in the base metal around the weld. This change in the metal makes it sensitive to corrosion. ... A postweld high-temperature anneal and quench to redissolve the chromium at grain boundaries, and hinder chromium carbide formation on cooling
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I don't think stainless is any more blinding then a silver metallic car, or a pearl white car.
The DeLorean in the post above looks wrapped with a mirror finish, that's not what the cyber will look like.
I'm not worried about it, and wrapping it isn't required.
You can get a stainless chip sample and compare it to other color chip samples, don't have to wait to see it to know what it will look like.
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I live in Arizona - no worries about corrosion here... Also - do you have a suggestion on what else to do? I do not want to do a wrap.

Yep, me too in Az. The sun is pretty much always shining, even at night lol. Side view mirrors and flat back windows on pickup trucks can be particularly problematic, especially around mid May and September.
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This is a great question! The Delorean was brushed stainless, so glare/reflectivity was not an issue. Not sure if the CT will have a brushed or "raw" finish. I would prefer that it is brushed, as this would hide scratches, scuffs, etc.
brushed for sure.... polished stainless is a heck of a scratch magnet. anyone with a nicer wristwatch with polished center links knows what I'm talking about
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