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How Smart Summon and other features could be enabled in Europe - a suggestion


Senior Software Engineer
Jul 12, 2018
What if Tesla had an easter egg (a cryptic combination of buttons to reveal a hidden menu) to toggle Smart Summon, Real Summon (that works from a distance) ? Then it's not enabled for Europe per se, but some smart people figured it out via a "flaw" in the software.

Then when it goes public, Tesla can say "oops we will try to mitigate this security hole in due time", and they will just keep not fixing it for a good while till it's approved. ;)
Amsterdam would be the acid test. Bikes, scooters, people, cars, mopeds ...
But then everyone is inches away from an accident as it is and are generally more alert because of it, so maybe that would be safer?
Hard to say.
But is the EU regulation enforced upon every country 100%. Doesn't the country have their own rules? I think Norway Netherlands had NoA before Sweden. Does even Sweden have NoA yet? I heard people drove over from Norway to Sweden and as fast as they crossed the border, NoA got disabled.

Maybe it only works in the negative direction :/