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How Teslanaires Made Fortunes - anyone here a Teslanaire?

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How 'Teslanaires' made fortunes on Tesla Motors stock - San Jose Mercury News

How 'Teslanaires' made fortunes on Tesla Motors stock
By Dana Hull [email protected] San Jose Mercury News Posted: MercuryNews.com

In June of last year, Patrick Hop poured his life savings -- $30,000 -- into Tesla Motors (TSLA) stock, then trading at about $32 per share. When the stock hit $115 this July, he dumped all his shares and invested in options on Tesla stock, which are high-risk bets on the stock's future performance.
Now Hop, a 22-year-old senior from Millbrae studying applied math at UC Berkeley, estimates he's made about $250,000 -- at least on paper.
"I have a high risk tolerance, but I don't think the stock is that risky," he said.
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But Jivan purchased $2,500 worth of stock in Tesla Motors in April 2011, when it was trading around $25 a share. In January of this year, when it was trading in the $30 range, he invested another $5,000. Now Jivan has seen his original investment balloon to more than $100,000.
Math fail. That adds up to 267 shares, meaning about $40k.