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How to book a ranger

Apologies if this has been done to death but how do you actually book a ranger?
My left side repeater error message is always on screen and I've tried the reset to no avail. I'd like to get this replaced.

On the app, I tried to enter my address (Cambridge) but it only ever comes up with the nearest centre (MK), no ranger option.

Is there a trick to use to enter some location near me that will bring up a mobile ranger?

I don't think it is possible to select a ranger appt from the appt. I booked it in at the nearest SC (Leeds for me), They then phoned me and asked if they could change it to a mobile appt. I think others have replied to the SMS text confirmation of the SC appt requesting a mobile appt and managed to get it changed.
Yeah I don't think you can choose, you either get the option in the app or you don't. Nothing stopping you booking it as a SC visit and then following up with a phone call to the SC and telling them you would have a preference for a mobile appointment though.
Put the booking at the nearest SC to you and then where you describe the problem put “if possible can this be fixed by mobile service” - when the SC contact you via text reply and ask for mobile service instead - if it’s something that can be done by mobile service they’ll transfer your appointment (it disappears from the app for a few days until mobile service person contacts you then it will magically reappear).
Just tried this and when I entered "can this be fixed by mobile service" in the description of the issue, the next page had a mobile service option highlighted. OK, it's for 23rd April but I'm happy to wait than drive to MK!

Thanks all!
Exactly for that reason they say this in the confirmation email

"For a touchless Service experience, please park your car in an accessible location. You’ll receive a notification once your Mobile Technician has arrived on-site and started work. If you need to speak with our Service team, please be mindful that we are practicing social distancing in addition to the other recommended precautionary measures to limit exposure."