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How to change Payment option


‘22 MYP, White/Black
Mar 29, 2021
Somehow as I was filling out the last few pages of the Registration and the website Payment details were submitted as “Pay in Full” vs Financing. I need to make sure that DOESN’T happen lol. Something happened and the website was acting up when this happened and it automatically proceeded on to the next page without my control.

I emailed my agent to see what he could do. Originally he told me to fill out as much as I could on the website after ordering, but now this happens!

He did say financing will not hold up the order que, but I definitely have to get this fixed.
I selected CASH on purpose expecting 1-10 weeks so the order would go thru and would reach out to the SA once I get a vin/ delivery day.

I would contact your SA, they were able to change mine from CASH to Finance, Etc
My SA was trying to tell me not to fill out any Payment details, but according to the website it made it seem like I had to fill everything out in order for the order to go through. Maybe I misunderstood something.

Here’s what my SA said

“Financing does not delay the order queue.

I would hold off on financing until the vehicle is on it’s way here.

They will be good for 60 days but I normally do not like to do this until 30 days from delivery.”