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How to fix v9's UI problems

How can Tesla improve v9?

  • Add Cold Weather settings back to Options screen

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • Remove NAV as default background

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • Add new section with larger HVAC controls to Options screen

    Votes: 9 32.1%
  • Keep existing screen config/layout in background when bringing up HVAC/Cold Weather controls

    Votes: 6 21.4%
  • Do nothing; Tesla nailed it with v9

    Votes: 9 32.1%

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I'm trying to figure out what it is about v9 that is bothering me the most. The obvious choppiness of the display and the force NAV in the background is certainly a big thing, but the HVAC and audio controls are also big problems as well.

I would like cold weather back under options. It's fine to leave it where it is, but depending on what I was using last, it's a extra button press, on much smaller buttons, to get back to those settings. And it's winter, we are going to be accessing those settings a lot. The new controls are also lower, which forces your gaze to be lower, for longer, away from the road. And re-orient it back to the overhead view for goodness sake. That actually made logical sense. What's with this side view?

The audio controls are small so I'm finding that I mis-press the buttons often, which causes me to stare down more and search for what I did wrong, undo it, do it right.

Sometimes I want to turn HVAC off. A long press, on a touchscreen, while driving, is just bad design. You should never have to long-press a touchscreen while driving, it's 50% success at best. Plus, why in the hell would I want to take away focus from everything else when I hit the HVAC button??? The rear-cam and media go bye bye completely when you goto access HVAC controls. It would be one thing to dim the screen like before, but geez, it brings back up that stupid NAV background which is totally useless if you aren't actually routed somewhere.

HVAC should have a new section under options where the buttons are larger, higher on the screen, and easily accessed (that includes an Off button).

Now, onto the good stuff. The combination of settings in the Options screen is great. It was always weird having two columns of settings and to keep going back and forth to figure out what was where. Also, the overall design is improved. Things do look nicer at least. The rounded corners of icons I could take or leave, but that does seem like an improvement (although some of the button sizes need addressed still).
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