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How was your model Y delivery?

During delivery did you have defects that required a service appointment?

  • Yes had a few small paint or interior defects

    Votes: 12 29.3%
  • Yes had major issues which required more than 5 days in a SC

    Votes: 8 19.5%
  • No issues or issues resolved during delivery, 0 days required at a SC

    Votes: 21 51.2%

  • Total voters


Aug 5, 2020
Los Angeles
Are you referring to something coming out now or in the past. I picked mine up 10/23, car was near perfect. Nothing that I needed addressed and after 1100 miles nothing mechanically wrong so far either.

Mine is a 2021, and I believe these are coming in much better than the ones before.


Feb 26, 2020
Took delivery on 11/15. Had a few minor issues, taillight alignment, scratches on door hinges, drivers side view mirror not seated correctly on door, nothing was a deal breaker but nonetheless i gotta go to the SC for a tweaking
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Supporting Member
Supporting Member
Sep 3, 2015
Ventura County, CA
Hi. I voted for small defects. Our blue Model Y is nearly flawless, picked up on Nov 4. Some very minor trim issues addressed at pickup and have a home scheduled service call next week to replace the black trim piece below the window which had a pretty minor scratch. Hope yours is just as clean. Cheers.


Mar 2, 2019
Sunnyvale, CA
My delivery went very well. I did have to wait for about 30 minutes while they finished detailing the car, so I fetched coffee. When the car was brought out, I spent about 20 minutes looking it over and was very pleased with the condition. All panels fit well, paint was in good shape, everything was just about perfect except for 2 very small nits: a scratch on the plastic fender trim, and a blemish/tear on the interior B pillar trim. I took pictures before I left and submitted a service request on the spot. I got an appt a week later and they sent a ranger out to fix it. I loved how fast the pickup went - I only had to sign a couple of forms and I was good to go. I don't think I've ever been able to get out of a traditional dealership in under two hours.
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Oct 19, 2020
San Marcos, CA
Few minor issues with my MYP today; steering wheel off center but alignment seems fine, passenger seat makes a popping noise when accelerating or deceleration or by physically moving it, hood/frunk gap is slightly larger on passenger side, rear doors are slightly inset and not flush with front doors. Otherwise, it's perfect. Accepted delivery and set service appointment in 2 weeks.
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Oct 31, 2020
Denver delivery here on 11/12. Nearly flawless, just a few minor things I won't worry about:

  • Small amount of moisture in fog lights - had just been washed prior to pickup, I'm thinking they went thru the high pressure wash
  • Rear passenger seat is about 1/4" proud of the center/drivers side
  • A few stickers on the outside of the tires, but I just peeled them off
  • Door jams aren't fully painted on the inner front fender side, barely noticeable with the MSM

All the panel gaps are excellent, updated tail lamps, laminated front glass, no USB in glovebox, no auto-dim side mirrors, standard center console.


Oct 25, 2020
My delivery today (11/25) was perfect and easy. Based on all of the threads about issues with paint, panel alignment, etc., I went to the SC a few hours before we were to pick up the car, and they had it in a service bay and gave me time to go over it in detail -- checklist in hand. I only find a tiny blemish in the paint on the hood, and that was buffed out before we picked up the car two hours later. The "closing" went extremely easily and quickly, and we were on our way in less than 45 minutes including the time I spent setting up my phone to be my key, setting up my profile, and connecting my phone to the car. After many worries, it could not have been a better experience.
Sep 10, 2020
I rejected my first model y delivery a few weeks due to really bad panel gaps (I didnt want to take a chance of well it's within spec if they can't fix. Both rear and trunk had issues), got reassigned a Vin 1 week later. Picked up this week. The new car apparently was already in transit to the east coast but a buyer fell through I'm told. Not a reject since it was never looked at. Was pleased once I saw it. Sales lady there was nice about everything. Had a cpl things I wanted detailed. They took care within about 30 mins. Had minor stuff wrong like a small scratch not noticable if your more then 2 ft away on front bumper and scratch on one side window piece. Reported in app and already approved for $0 cost. Overall pretty pleased the 2nd time around. This was vin 699xx. I know when I got it I would miss out on glovebox usb and side dimming mirrors. But the car came in pretty good condition and In my situation I could really use the car sooner then later. Not worth waiting a possible month or 2 longer. Also being in nj we have the $5k rebate and I don't want to take chances on funding run out of the program. Doubtful right now but always possible with budget shortfalls in all states now.

Good luck to everyone. Don't be nervous about small things. Really fun car to drive and if you keep waiting for the next latest and greatest refresh you will be waiting forever. Life is too short have fun now.


Nov 12, 2020
Chapel Hill, NC
Picked up MY on 11/25, Vin# 743xx. I was very happy with panel gaps, paint, moldings, etc. The only thing I could see was a scuff on the drivers sunshade. Looks like something wiped across a section, but cleaned up with a damp cloth. Maybe someone really particular would find something but compared to my Honda and Acura, the MY was even better in fit and finish.
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New Member
Aug 10, 2020
La Mirada, CA 90638
Few minor issues with my MYP today; steering wheel off center but alignment seems fine, passenger seat makes a popping noise when accelerating or deceleration or by physically moving it, hood/frunk gap is slightly larger on passenger side, rear doors are slightly inset and not flush with front doors. Otherwise, it's perfect. Accepted delivery and set service appointment in 2 weeks.
I also noticed my steering wheel appearing to be off centered. What I discovered was the steering column housing that holds the turn signals is off center (turned to the left), left lever dips down about 3/8” compared to right. If you straighten the wheel, look at your turn signal levers through center of wheel and follow the line of your dash silver trim; I was shocked to realize it was the housing that was I improperly installed. Check it out!
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Jun 11, 2020
San Diego
I just picked mine up in Carlsbad, CA. Delivery was basically flawless. I checked the car throughout and found two small, nit-picky misalignments with the trunk and one of the doors. Both were negligible, but I talked them into adjusting a bit and they did.

I got all the upgrades I was hoping for, USB in glovebox, double laminated windows, and the metal wheel scrolls. I like the old center console better so I can hide my phone if I leave the car, so it all worked out great.

All good, have faith people!


Nov 4, 2020
Southern California
Picked up today and Tesla provided a nice experience. One of the headlight has a residue on the inside of the lens, which is really odd, its not condensation either. Couple of the smallest scratches in the paint, gaps look good and the interior is perfect.
Too bad Bank of America was awful to deal with.


Oct 9, 2020
Maple Grove
Picked up mine on 11/6. There were a few minor paint issues and rear light needed adjustments.,I made an appointment to get them fixed. Today I went to SC. All issues fixed and homelink installed in less than an hour..

I was very worried about quality issues. I had a 3 page checklist. I had never ever examined any other car I bought. I looked very hard and found some missing paint in the hinges of doors. Even these things were fixed quickly.

we have a 2020 Acura MDX and now that I know what panel gap issues are I found gaps in MDX that I completely missed when I purchased it.

so far I have had no problems with MY.

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