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HPWC Lead TimeAnyone

Ordered me up an HPWC about a week ago with no shipping notice from Tesla yet. I gave them a call today and was told they were not aware of any backlog (thought that was funny) and that they’d get back to me.

I really have no idea how long is typical to get a shipping notification. Any of you have to wait a few weeks? Maybe I should check with the local Tesla SC?
See my posts in the HPWC thread, but I basically experienced the same thing as others above. Ordered on 2/26 and instantly got the ack email along with the credit card being charged. Zero emails for over a week. Apparently even SCs have issues with the online ordering dept.
Out of nowhere I get a shipment notice this past Tuesday and it arrived last night, one hour before I took delivery. Install set for Tuesday so having to charge at 4mph. :rolleyes:
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Quick update: it showed up on the doorstep today. One week from order. Never received a shipment notification. But glad it’s here!

Hopefully they are really going to put effort into improving this side of the house. Embarrassing, actually.
Glad to hear yours arrived. Mine gets installed tomorrow. Had to spend $2.09 to charge at work today. :eek::D
I thought I was going to have to deal with finding someplace to charge but Tesla was nice enough to delay delivery of my car 2 weeks. :rolleyes::(
Was definitely good “learning” how to publicly charge. Not all stations are created equal. Some are definitely a PITA. PlugShare rocks. GE WattStations suck! With the former, I could pay via ApplePay and my car started charging instantly. With the latter (at work this morning), I had to jump through all sorts of hoops even though I had previously registered. Then when I finally got the app to recognize the station, the car kept sitting at Blue/“Ready to charge”. I was going to be late for a mtg, so left. Went to the other side of campus a couple hours later and experienced the same thing. Luckily a coworker told me to hang out for a few mins with it plugged in. Sure enough, a few mins later the charge port turned green and the juice was flowing. Def rather run into these issues while in town vs on a road trip.