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HPWC & UMC power cable slack rope retractor source

I located a good source for a rope re-tractor used on gasoline pumps, to take up the slack of the hose, so that it will not drag on the ground. Phillip Thacker, at the Anniston Pump Shop, helped and he knew just what I needed, even the special clamp used to attach the rope to any point on the power cord. To get a good grip on the wire, you will need to wrap electrical tape around the cable or some kind of spacer. The whole set-up cost just under $50.00. I told him, I was going to post on a Tesla forum about his cord re-tractor and special plastic hose clamp to attach the rope. He said that if anyone calls ask for him and say you need an item that is for an EV charging cable part number "NSI-04 Hose Re-Tractor" with plastic attachment "hose clamp for rope part number BP-1373" also make sure to say you need the enclosure box. He asked to see the inside of my Red MS 100D and we both laughed about going to a gasoline pump supply house.

Philip Thacker at Anniston Pump Shop, 2800 HWY. 431 N, Anniston, AL 36206
PH# 256.820.2980

Please note the pictures.


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This isn’t a cord reel right? Just a retractor that keeps the cable of the ground? Would def like to see mounted/in-use pics.

This is NOT a cord reel.

The reel is just like what all gasoline stations use. Go to a local station, look at the plastic hose clamp that is wrapped around the hose that goes to the nozzle. This reel is in a small enclosure above your head, with a small nylon rope coming out to the hose clamp in the center of the hose, as you pull on the nozzle and hose to extend, to the gasoline input on the ice car, this spring tension-er keeps the black hose up off the ground. When you are finished pumping and go to return the nozzle to the side of the pump, the tension-er retracts lifting the hose into the air, thus the user does not have to touch or coil the hose. So for the EV application, mount it on the wall or ceiling with heavy duty screws to the studs, when you need to plug in, do what you have always done, but let the tension-er take the slack of the cable between the charger port and the HPWC or
(UMC if needed you could use a Velcro to attach the cable temporarily to the tension-er rope.)

I plan to use a wood or plastic ball with a hole drilled through it and then loop the rope through it a few time to make a stopper that will always leave a set amount of rope hanging and holding the cable at a reachable height if needed.
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