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Huge miss in European supercharger plan 2015

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Here we go again. Go back through the forum for the past two years. Every year around this time come the HUGE MISS!!! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!! SELLL!!! SELLLL!!! SELLLL!!!! stories.
And strangely Tesla tends to accelerate construction and usually matches the promised number of superchargers by the end of the year (that's in Tesla time, so it means around February of the following year).
So no, for unknown reason super charger construction appears to be in waves. And the end of year / winter push is still ahead of us.
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Also important to understand that priorities change. For example, originally by the end of 2015 Tesla had planned to have the I-10 route to the west coast done out of Texas. However, based on feedback of owners and the SpaceX launch facility in Brownsville, they decided to move those chargers to cover south Texas, especially because there is an alternate west route (albeit out of the way) to head north to Oklahoma and then west. Now the plan is to have the southern west route done by end of 2016. Plans change.