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Hummer EV

Jan 30, 2020
Comparing price-increasing options available on S but not [yet] on Tri/FSD CT:

- matte black (mentioned early for CT, silent since, likely not available) $1500
- premium wheels $4500
- upgraded interior $1500
...and that's about it. $7500 + $78000 = $85500 approx max price for loading up with options typical for other models, so predictable as options when CT approaches availability (note that Tesla tends to keep options few). That's $14500 away from the $100000 bandied about as top-end CT pricing.
Only other feature to consider is solar bed cover, say...$2000? (A robust portable 1m^2 solar panel is $250 for 100W. Solar bed cover would be a few times that in size, times extreme hardening.)
(Ignoring EATV because that's a different vehicle available only to CT owners, very atypical for vehicle options.)
That's about where HummerEV _starts_ pricing.


Jan 2, 2020
Alabama, USA
I'm not sure what sort of options list you're looking at in order to get a $77,900 tri-motor Cybertruck ($69,900 + $8,000 for FSD) up to $100,000. It already has several standard features including adaptive air suspension. Maybe if you include the electric ATV as an option, which would be super cool.

Solar panel bed cover, wheel/tire options, etc. Ludicrous mode or equiv.
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Aug 11, 2020
San Jose, CA
As far as I can tell, the only things the Hummer offers that the Cybertruck doesn’t are Quadrasteer, T-tops and kitschy decor. 1.75 miles per kWh is pretty power hungry and the price tag is quite steep. I was also not impressed with the heavy reliance on CGI throughout the reveal. That says, it definitely has appeal to a broad base and looks quite capable.

"kitschy decor" I think you figured out this Hummer's appeal. The EV geeks and greenies here on TMC aren't the market for this thing. Criticizing the price or the inefficiency misses the point. The new Hummer like the old Hummer is all about bling. Expect to see lots of them in rap videos.


Jun 4, 2017
Austin, TX
My impressions:

- I really like the styling. As @lowtek said, they have truck building experience and know the market.

- love the removable top.. Jeep, Bronco, and now Hummer have it. I really want it on my CT.

- it's expensive. No way they can compete with Tesla's vertically integrated supply chain, or efficiency. Suppliers have to make their $$ too. But it will be a status symbol with virtue signaling celebs and rich ball players.

- I expect lots of warranty issues as they cut their teeth, suppliers learn how to build these parts, and they get up to speed.

- I view this as a really good development; this competition can only be good for Tesla, and this vehicle validates the all-electric serious truck market. I love this and the vehicle looks very nice. It will be low volume at first and I missed the reservation window, so I won't be getting one. (and I want Tesla tech / specs anyway). But I love this truck in its current form.


Oct 22, 2015
Washington D.C.
Honestly, I would be purchasing the highest end Hummer model if a Tri-Motor CyberTruck didn't exist, But the CT is just a much better value. 500 mile range and stainless body is amazing for the $78K price with FSD.


Jun 27, 2012
Reno NV
Buying a GM vehicle, not a real problem there. My Volt was a great car. But dealing with dealerships, Aaahh NO. Watching the BS they are pulling on people buying C8 Corvettes, never again. GM Australia just told Holden to return all C8 deposts because they haven't decided who will be able to sell them or any pricing.
Jan 30, 2020
Was just in a conversation about car buying. Just makes me want a Tesla more for impending next vehicle, just to avoid the haggling. Went looking for a truck not long ago, walked out of several dealerships: went in asking for specs X, Y, & Z (really straightforward) and they showed me not-X, not-Y, & not-Z instead; pricing obviously was going to be a stupid hassle as well. Just want to get a CT as my next 2 vehicles (1M-mile longevity, here I come).


Oct 23, 2018
GM crushed it with this one. Looks somewhat like an FJ cruiser. Fit and finish, Details, can fit 37’s stock!

A few things, I’d say most people that will buy an $80k truck can also buy a $120k truck without hesitation. My wife had a 2003 H2 for 2 years, it was very well built. The guy we sold it to still has it, 200k miles on 37’s and he still drives it every day.
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Oct 22, 2015
Washington D.C.
If you look under the Hummer deposit section, it says that dealers can charge you whatever they want for the truck after you put a deposit down. I'm so sick of this SCAMERICA crap. I'm not putting a deposit down and bet on getting a truck and then have some sleaze bag dealership try and gut me for money, Tesla all the way.

US car dealerships are a disgrace. Shame on GM.


Feb 15, 2020
GMC Says Dealers Won't Be Allowed To Mark Up Hummer EV Price

GMC Says Dealers Won't Be Allowed To Mark Up Hummer EV Price

Sure enough this is the very first part of the T&C in the reservation agreement:
DEALERS SET THE ACTUAL PRICE WHICH MAY DIFFER FROM THE MANUFACTURER’S SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price does not include all taxes, title, license, transportation, other options and other dealer fees and charges.
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