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HVAC issues and or questions 2013 P85

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I have been working on my Tesla a bit in the last couple months.
I believe the Heater has not worked since I bought it used in August 2020.
My blower fan was "chirping" for a while, then completely quit.
I replaced blower fan from junkyard. Still didn't work.
Found blown fuse in Blower Motor Resistor(FET) block.
Also known as a Thermal Cutout Fuse. $1.79 at local electronics parts store.
Replaced Fuse, a little bit of Soldering...
Installed Blower Motor Resistor, now I have a working blower again.
The A/C blows nice and cold, good for SoCal during the summer.
No heat makes it slightly annoying on the morning commute to work for a couple months of our so called winter.
FINALLY MY QUESTION... Can I replace my PTC unit with a Gen2 or Gen3 PTC unit, they seem to be available more now on eBay and at junkyards.
I have watched the youtubes on DC to DC convertor, but cant find one on where the PTC is.
Thanks in advance for any help, just trying to make it thru this harsh CA winter...

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Do you know for sure the PTC needs to be swapped instead of the fuses inside the DCDC? I had to do mine last year. Didnt go as deep as the PTC but simply replaced all 5 something fuses in the dCDC
I'm about to troubleshoot my lack of cabin heat, and am trying to figure out my chances of needing a new PTC. Has your fuse blown since you replaced it the first time?