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HW3 FSD firmware issues + HDMI switcher + Front Camera

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Hey everyone -

wanted to give the community a heads up on potential HW3 FSD issues if you have the front camera and hdmi switcher kit.

I have a 2018 100D w/ MCU2 and AP2.5

I dropped my car off to a service center on Tuesday to have them check the condenser fan since it was making a high pitch noise, as part of this service they planned to upgrade to HW3.

For the past 2 days they have been attempting to install the latest firmware V10 32.11 and it’s been failing and they seem to not know why.

They are blaming it on the HDMI switcher and Front Camera that I installed. (This makes no sense to me...)

My advise for any of you is to have this removed prior to them making this upgrade if you had purchased so that they can’t find fault as to why the firmware/software update is failing.

As of current, I’m still waiting on a resolution from them, but thought I’d give everyone a heads-up.
I have a hardwired Radar/Laser detection system (AL Priority) and any time there is an "issue" with my car, they try to blame it on the "aftermarket device" installed in the car. Total crap!

Yup - I also have the ALP installed on the front bumper and they charged me $97.50 in labor b/c they said I have aftermarket components installed so they had to find another way to remove the front bumper to get to the condensor which was under warranty - total BS considering that it's 3 connectors that sits behind the bumper that they need to unclip - but this

But yea the SA is claiming that the firmware issue is b/c I have the aftermarket jammer installed - i asked them how does a laser jammer system that is independent connected to the issue - they said they don't know. It's ridiculous...

They are not aware of the HDMI and Front Camera, but the s/w update has been failing so I'm not sure what it could be...